Shmurnov: “Arteta needs to run from Arsenal without looking back”

The Gunners are falling into the Championship.

Arsenal, Mikel Arteta

Match TV commentator Alexander Shmurnov reacted to another defeat of London’s Arsenal. The day before, the Gunners were eliminated from the League Cup, losing to Manchester City (1: 4). After the game, City head coach Josep Guardiola called on Arsenal’s management not to fire the team’s young coach, Mikel Arteta.

“Artete, of course, needs to leave. It’s not even so much for Arsenal to fire Arteta and instantly look for a replacement for him, as the youngest coach needs to run without looking back. Of course, it happens that you manage to endure, build what you have conceived, go through the bottom point and, finally, achieve success. Something similar is possible with Koeman at Barcelona and even Pirlo at Juventus. But there the teams, with all the problems, still do not fall below a certain level. In particular, both Barça and Juve will certainly play next season in the Champions League …

Now imagine that Arsenal are relegated to the Championship. And then the stains cannot be erased. In general, wishing Artete well, I believe that Guardiola should think a little more and call on his comrade to resign ”, – wrote Shmurnov in his telegram channel.

We add that in the Premier League, Arsenal is four (!) Points from the relegation zone.