Guardiola: Arsenal would make a huge mistake if they fire Arteta

The head coach of Manchester City left a warning to the bosses of the London club.

Manchester City, Arsenal

Mikel Arteta is the favorite to retire in the Premier League from British bookmakers. Arsenal fans are also tired of endless failures. Josep Guardiola called on the public to remember the achievements of the club under the leadership of Arteta. Arsenal have won two trophies in less than a year.

“They will make a huge mistake if this happens. I’m pretty sure they’ll trust him. Just analyze the results.

I’ve been with him for many years. I know his incredible qualities. He tries to participate in everything. It takes time and he will succeed.

Arsenal have won two titles, and this club has not had such success for a long time. Now during a pandemic, with injuries and a lot of games. Unfortunately, such games are our job, much depends on the results “, – explained Guardiola.