Chelsea coach Timo Werner

The German does not shine with performance in the Premier League.

Chelsea, Timo Werner

Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard spoke out against striker Timo Werner. After moving to the English Premier League, Werner began to score significantly fewer goals. Previously, he constantly competed with Lewandowski for the title of top scorer in the German Bundesliga.

“I’m not worried about Werner’s performance. He has scored many goals in recent years, which is why he ended up at Chelsea.

Werner needs time to adapt to the new championship. He regularly creates a spice at other people’s gates, but he is a little unlucky. This is a temporary phenomenon. Soon he will start scoring goals again. ” Lampard said in a comment to the BLU press office.

In the current campaign, Werner entered the field in 14 matches in the Premier League, having recorded 4 effective strikes.