Mostovoy explained why Russian clubs fail in European competitions

Alexander made a weighty argument.

Alexander Mostovoy

Former footballer of the Russian national team Alexander Mostovoy answered the question of why the clubs from the RPL again failed miserably in the European Cup campaign. Only Krasnodar managed to break through to the spring part of the European competition. He will play in the 1/16 finals of the Europa League.

“This is because our football is overrated. We have artificially created stars. Well, a person should not play in the Russian championship and receive a lot of money. If he earns that much, then he must score 30 goals per season.

I used to give an example: David Villa played for Valencia and received several times less. And he scored 35 goals, and then moved to Barcelona, ​​became the world champion of Europe. And I can name a dozen of such football players from Europe. What do we have? An ordinary midfielder in the Russian championship scores 3-4 goals and receives several times more than in strong championships. This is wrong. ” Mostovoy said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Recall that in the playoffs of the LE Krasnodar will meet with Dynamo Zagreb.