Lampard wants to be an example for the next generation of English coaches

The number of foreigners in the Premier League will decrease.

Chelsea, Frank Lampard

Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard is delighted to see more English coaches in the Premier League. According to him, young professionals like him can become an example for the future generation of coaches from England. He gave the example of two mentors who have been successfully working in the Premier League for many years.

“In today’s world, I don’t think it’s very important where you come from. But it’s nice that here in England, many English coaches are doing well in the Premier League. I know there is a lot of hard work ahead of us. And if that can inspire young managers or players looking to try and become coaches in England, that’s great. Sam Allardyce and David Moyes have been doing well in the Premier League for many years. ” Lampard said.