Douglas Santos does not think Zenit failed the Champions League

Petersburgers are able to achieve the best result next season.

FC Zenit, Douglas Santos

Zenit defender Douglas Santos talked about the performance of the St. Petersburg club in the Champions League. He cannot call the game of Petersburgers in the European tournament a failure. Zenit didn’t have enough to score points in the games played. The team will try to learn a lesson for the next season.

“In the first home match against Club Brugge, we absolutely could have played either a draw or won. It was realistic to take three points at the Gazprom Arena and with Lazio. If it were not for this conditional “would”, now we would be discussing completely different issues. So I certainly won’t call it all a failure. However, it is obvious that if we played a little differently, score points lost at home, the place in the group would be different.

We understand perfectly well that this was not the best performance in the Champions League, not what the fans were counting on. But we must take this result as a lesson in order to achieve much more next time.

Even from defeat, you can get something positive, because it helps you become stronger in subsequent games, because you have to work even better and correct mistakes. And thus it becomes better “, – said Santos.

Zenit took the last place in the Champions League group and did not even make it to the Europa League.