Bielsa: “We could return to the game, there was not enough implementation”

The Leeds head coach thinks the team played well at Old Trafford.

Leeds, Manchester United

Leeds received six away goals against Manchester United. The result did not make Marcelo Bielsa despair. The Argentine believes that the match was roughly equal. His footballers simply lacked implementation.

“Throughout the match, we could return to the game. We lacked efficiency. They used their opportunities, but we did not. In the second half, they played on equal terms until the 80th minute. Only after that did they start creating more moments.

The half-time changes were supposed to give more energy in midfield and help us in midfield. We were losing by a wide margin, I wanted to strengthen the game.

We fought the whole match “, – explained the coach.

Marcelo Bielsa’s teams have not conceded six goals for 28 years. The last time this happened was in Argentina.