Utkin wondered why Akinfeev took part in an unnecessary match with Dynamo Zagreb

Vasily made a post in the telegram.

PFC CSKA, Vasily Utkin

Journalist and video blogger Vasily Utkin made a post on his Telegram channel, touching on the person of the goalkeeper of Moscow CSKA Igor Akinfeev. Utkin does not understand why Akinfeev needed to enter the field in the last confrontation with Dynamo Zagreb in the Europa League, which did not decide anything in terms of the tournament plan.

“That’s what interests me. CSKA went to Zagreb without several leading players – Vlašić and others. Which is reasonable.

But at the same time, Akinfeev flew to Zagreb.

And what, the second goalkeeper could not be placed? Probably not. Is it pleasant for Akinfeev to get three? Probably not. In old age, some years.

Proceeding from this, from Akinfeev’s trip to an unnecessary club, which the club unequivocally announced at the weekend for the leading players, the game – I believe that the national team has excellent chances to persuade Aki to go to Euro.

Because he doesn’t play for the national team to spend more time with his family. But the game in Zagreb signals – not always.

He wants to play all the matches. He wants to play. And he goes to the game, where nothing honorable shines for him.
Not a masochist. He wants to play.

Persuade. There are many chances “, – wrote Utkin.