Ponomarev compared CSKA football players with blind kittens and criticized Chalov and Akhmetov

The veteran was discouraged by the performance of the army in the LE.

PFC CSKA, Vladimir Ponomarev

Former CSKA Moscow player Vladimir Ponomarev spoke about Viktor Goncharenko’s charges. CSKA again failed on the international stage. CSKA took the last place in their LE group. Yesterday the red-blues lost to Dynamo Zagreb (1: 3).

“CSKA’s performance in this Europa League is a cruel failure. I considered the army men as the leader of the group, but in the end nothing good came of it, one regression. Only Vlašić feels confident on the field, the rest are like blind kittens, as if they have forgotten how to play. Everyone expected from Chalov that he would find his game and grow up. But he won’t find her. I don’t understand what factors he wants to play on. That he has? No speed, no dribbling. A blow from both feet? Well, maybe, but he doesn’t show it. One season shot on luck and thinks that he will be so lucky all the time. And where is the work? Where is the catching of heads?

Akhmetov is generally a zero option. I don’t understand what they found in him and why he was invited to the national team. He has no abilities at all.

I think that dismissing Goncharenko before the new year is absolutely the right decision. His coaching job sucks this year. ” said Ponomarev.

Earlier Fyodor Chalov was criticized all over the country by the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov. A large number of fans did not like Cherchesov’s statements.