Bubnov made a disappointing conclusion based on the results of European competitions

The analyst sees no light at the end of the tunnel.

PFC CSKA, Alexander Bubnov

Alexander Bubnov after the CSKA match against Dynamo (1: 3) noted that changes for the better in Europe should not be expected. The process cannot be started quickly. The problem is deeply rooted in the educational process. The analyst explained his position.

“One victory for four Russian clubs in European competition is a depressing statistic that speaks of a drop in the level of our championship. We are inferior to foreign teams in speed and mobility, and we should not expect a quick improvement in the situation. Until conclusions are drawn, including in the training process, nothing will change, ”- Bubnov spoke out.

CSKA, Zenit and Lokomotiv failed to win a single match in European competitions at all. In the spring only Krasnodar will represent Russia. Last season, the full Russian teams were left out of the playoffs.