Ignatiev said that Krasnodar was not afraid of Dynamo Zagreb

This is not a bad lot for them.

FK Krasnodar, Dinamo Zagreb

Former coach of the Russian national team Boris Ignatiev spoke about the draw for 1/16 of the Europa League. Let’s remind that Krasnodar got into rivals of Dynamo from Zagreb. According to Ignatiev, Krasnodar residents were not afraid of their future opponent. This stage of the tournament is encouraging.

Dynamo Zagreb is a successful team. They are roughly in the same bundle with Krasnodar both in terms of playing the game and in the selection of players. I think one could expect a more formidable opponent. Although Dynamo showed a good game with CSKA, but not so much that Krasnodar got scared.

I think they took the news of their rival optimistically. We can do it. This team has not shown anything beyond what we can. Rather, the army team lost to them, and it was not the Zagreb Dynamo team who achieved this victory ”, – said Ignatiev.

Let us remind you that the draw for the 1/16 finals of the European League of Europe took place yesterday.