Top football players with the most impressive shot in the world

Football history has witnessed many of the strongest shots in the world, making the audience unable to sit still before a convincing victory. It is these shots that help football to grow and the number of fans. Many people wonder which player has the most impressive shot in the world, who makes the football match special. Some information shared below will help you know who is the player with the most powerful shot.

David Beckham

He is a name that is well known when owning a shot is considered one of the strongest shots in the world with a speed of 157.5 km/ h. A shot that the audience had to stand up screaming, unable to sit still.

With the name of David Beckham, there is no stranger to him, he is a living football legend, famous for his accurate and dangerous passes that terrify the enemy. Although his shot was not a strong one, not everyone could stand back as evidenced on February 27, 1997. In the confrontation with Chelsea he launched the shot with speed. The ball is up to 157.5 km/ h, causing the opponent to be shocked and unable to react.

This goal has contributed a lot to his name and left many unforgettable impressions in the hearts of fans. Moreover, he is known for his good control of the ball, pinching the perfect opponent that made him famous in this football world.

   Football player with a daring shot is much loved/

Ritchie Humphreys

A name that has been made into football history with a shot that keeps people from watching, has conceded the opponent.

Ritchie Humphreys born in 1977 is probably a familiar name to Sheffield United Kingdom fans. He is a former British professional footballer. He is currently the former president of the Association of Professional Players (PFA) and holds a UEFA A License license training qualification. Humphreys started his career with the Premier League club Sheffield Wednesday in 1996.

It was at that moment that Humphreys was shocked to score a life-long goal for his team at 154.3 km/ h tearing the opponent’s net. Considered the strongest shot in the world that the reporter’s television camera could not catch up to the ball. That heroic feat contributed to his name. In addition, he also recorded many outstanding achievements with 4 goals in 5 appearances in his first Premier League.

       The goals of this footballer have never let others down/

Ronny Heberson

Referring to the players with the strongest shot in the world, Herberson cannot be ignored, a player who left the audience with an impressive shot speed of up to 210 km/ h.

Heberson was born in 1986, is a Brazilian player currently playing for the Hertha Berlin club in the Bundesliga. Before playing for the German team, Heberson played for Sporting Lisbon and Portugal. He set the record for the strongest kicker in the world at a speed of 210 km/ h. His quick and powerful shots keep the opponent’s defensive wall from responding. The audience also knew him and the number of fans also increased after the shot went into his heart. It also marked the development of his career path.

Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the names that is not unknown to anyone who is interested in football is Ronaldo. Ronaldo was born in 1985, the Portuguese footballer, currently playing in the Italian championship for the Juventus club. He often plays as a winger or striker and holds the position of Portuguese football captain.

In addition to the name Ronaldo, many people often abbreviate by the name CR7. He continuously owned the Golden Ball in 2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017. Thanks to his outstanding play, CR7 has for many years achieved noble titles and become a golden name. in the world football village.

Not only easily scored goals from close range, but Ronaldo also proved his name in the famous long shots. In an important match in the Champions League, a distance of 35m to the goal did not make it difficult for him. A powerful shot, the definitive success has put MU in the semi-finals perfectly. That has contributed to further asserting CR7 is one of the most talented strikers in the world. CR7 have a lot of fans in the world, specially in VietNam where people love to play online football betting at bookies like W88, M88, VN88 Casino, Dafabet, Sbobet…

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos was born in 1973, the former Brazilian footballer plays as a full-back. A name that has been known for a long time and is also popular. He has repeatedly won the championship such as 3 times winning the UEFA Champions League, 2 times winning the Intercontinental Cup and many other prestigious awards. His shots did not disappoint the fans. He has played for many teams and won many great prizes.

But at the peak of his form, Roberto Carlos proved his virtuosity with speedy shots and powerful long shots. Goals in the friendly match between France and Brazil that year were calculated with a speed of 85.2 mph about 137 km/ h. That proves even more about the talent of powerful long range shots of this legendary player.

Football players are considered to have an impressive shot, bring the best goals for the team and bring the attraction to the viewers introduced above that always affects world football. . Thereby it can be seen that football always gives people the fun, the fascinating matches that excellent players are an indispensable element. The shot, the goal only takes a few seconds but has left the impression in the hearts of fans forever. It can be said that football also has a certain attraction so that when watching once, the audience still wants to see it next time.

Footballers who have impressive shots certainly made a lot of effort and persevered in pursuing their passion to get the results they are today. Hopefully, through the information shared above can help you gain more knowledge about world football. Hopefully the names mentioned will also help you learn and have more motivation to continue supporting football.