England’s Best FIFA World Cup Performances

The FIFA World Cup is the most famous football competition in the world which has taken place every four years since 1930, its inauguration and generates unthinkable amounts in revenue and betting on sites such as Infogol. The competition included men’s senior national teams from all over the world; the last World Cup in 2018 saw 32 teams compete.

Not only does the competition include teams from all over the world but it gives different regions the opportunity to host the event and add their own culture to the World Cup to add variation every four years. The competition is not shy of some amazing moments that are both tear-jerking and breathtaking, from great losses to surprising successes… let’s take a look.

1966 World Cup Final

Once England had left Argentina in their dust at the quarter-final and then Portugal in the semi-final, they were set to face West Germany in the final, who already had a previous World Cup title to their name and since have gone on to win three more.

One of England’s most memorable and proudest moments in sports has to be the 1966 World Cup final, seeing them win their first trophy and to date is still their only win; not only was the team victorious, but they did so on their home ground of Wembley Stadium with around 100,000 witnesses to their glorious 4-2 win.

2002 World Cup Qualifier (September 2001)

In 2001, England were set to play against West Germany in the qualifiers and at this time Germany had only ever lost two qualifiers, as well as having three World Cup wins under their belt. As expected, West Germany took the lead early on, but by half time England had left the crowd stunned with a score of 3-1. The Team came back just as strong and finished the game with a 5-1 win against Germany, making it one of their best World Cup performances.

The 2002 World Cup, in South Korea, saw a great performance from England’s team, but the Three Lions were sadly eliminated in the quarter-final after a 2-1 loss to Brazil who later went on to win the trophy.

2018 World Cup

The Three Lions have had one lonely star on their kits since 1966, when they won against West Germany, and have not come close to another title, until 2018’s World Cup. 2018 saw England football teams’ best performance since their 1966 victory as they made their way to the semi-final. Sadly fans were not given the chance to play for the trophy, but nevertheless, the team’s performance will go down in history and it showed the talent of the current team, with many saying that the team is the best it has ever been.

The semi-final that placed England in 4th place for the 2018 World Cup was against Belgium, in St. Petersberg, with a score of 2-0. Some say their elimination was down to their inability to bounce back from their extra-time loss to Croatia in Moscow, but no one disputes that this tournament saw some of England’s best performances to date.