3 Richest Premier League owners

Have you ever wanted to own a football club? Like everything else in life, it’s not that difficult if you have a lot of money and especially if you have a few million pounds to spare. Once you have this covered, all you have to do is approach the chairman of the club you are interested in and strike a deal. Yes, it really is that simple. The difficult part is the loose change. Maybe you’ve just had a stroke of luck at a casino or betting on some form of sports (as long as it’s not running). Either way, till you figure out the money part, here’s a list of people who have that kind of stash lying around which made them invest in Premier League clubs.

Sheikh Mansur

Sheikh Mansur or Mansour bin Zayed bin Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa Al Nahyan is a 49-year-old billionaire from UAE. It is a well-known fact that Sheikh Mansur owns Manchester City, a deal that he clinched in 2008 which completely changed the football scene. For an Emirati, this was quite an unconventional move from investing in something like oil. In fact, many believed this act to be a strategy to change the image of UAE in the world.

Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is a 53 year old Israeli-Russian businessman estimated to be worth over $12 billion. He took over ownership of Chelsea back in 2003 and is famous for changing the fortunes of the club immediately after with many major trophies wins. Chelsea went on to become an international brand and earned itself the moniker of Chelski which basically referred to the trend of billionaires running football clubs ruthlessly. Roman Abramovich is known to be a very hands-on owner and is frequently seen at Chelsea matches and is also known to visit the locker room before the matches begin. “No pressure boys, just here to say hi!”

Stan Kroenke

Estimated to be worth over $10 billion, Stan Kroenke is an American businessman and owner of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. This company is known to own Arsenal FC among many other NFL, NHL and NBA teams. Stan Kroenke first had part control over Arsenal FC in 2008 and he finally took over completely in 2018. He is known to be reclusive and unlike Roman Abramovich does not interfere with the team’s working. In fact his reclusive nature has earned him the name Silent Stan and the Quietest Sports Emperor.

These are just some of the richie-rich folks who have gone on to own clubs and change the face of Premier League. There are many more in this club of giants like Joe Lewis & Daniel Levy, Nassef Sawiris, Mike Ashley and Joshua Harris who deserve a mention. Even the Chinese have a vested interest in the sport through the billionaire Guo Guanchang who owns the Wolves. Now that you know the club of distinguished billionaires, it’s time for you to start working towards entering it.