Week 20 Premier League Predictions

The week 20 Premier League predictions feature all of the boxing day matches. It is a slightly changed schedule from previous seasons primarily due to the television broadcasters wanting to get the most out of their investment. This season the ten matches will take place over the course of three days with two separate matches taking place on Wednesday and Thursday.

The way that man c has been playing this season I’m expecting them to continue winning and anything other than at least 5 goals scored against Newcastle should be considered a failure at this point.

Elsewhere, top teams shouldn’t have much trouble getting through their matches with the exception being United v Burnley. Burnley have continued to defy odds and get results despite allowing the most shots taken in the league this season. I could definitely see them getting a result against Manchester United considering how poorly they have been playing recently.

Week 20 Premier League Predictions:

Time Home       Away
Tuesday, December 26
7:30/12:30 Tottenham 2 v 1 Southampton
10:00/15:00 Bournemouth 1 V 3 West Ham
10:00/15:00 Chelsea 3 v 0 Brighton
10:00/15:00 Huddersfield 2 v 2 Stoke City
10:00/15:00 Manchester United 0 v 0 Burnley
10:00/15:00 Watford 1 v 2 Leicester City
10:00/15:00 West Brom 1 v 2 Everton
12:30/17:30 Liverpool 5 v 0 Swansea City
Wednesday, December 27
14:45/19:45 Newcastle 0 v 5 man c
Thursday, December 28
15:00/20:00 Crystal Palace 1 v 3 Arsenal


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