Week 17 Premier League Predictions

With one weekend of matches ended we get a quick turnaround for a full set of midweek matches. For the week 17 Premier League predictions there aren’t the same highly exciting matches that were on show over the weekend, but there is plenty of potential for shifts in the table.

There is still plenty to play for in the middle and bottom of the table. The majority of these teams sitting between 8-20 have the capacity to move up or down this weekend. A win for Crystal Palace could be enough to get them out of the relegation zone while a loss for West Brom could easily have them down at the bottom.

It’s been something of a crazy Premier League season so far, but only insofar as looking at the middle and bottom of the table. At the top the only places really up for grabs are 2-6 and even here there are few surprises.

Burnley’s surge in the table has been the biggest surprise this season, but it remains to be seen if this is going to be sustainable through the second half of the season. Particularly so once they hit the magical 40 point mark making them, reasonably, safe from relegation. I am predicting another result for them this weekend and another clean sheet. After all, they have allowed a league low (tied with Manchester United and Liverpool) amount of goals allowed at home this season with just 3.

Week 17 Premier League Predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Tuesday, December 12
14:45/19:45 Burnley 0 v 0 Stoke City
15:00/20:00 Crystal Palace 2 v 2 Watford
15:00/20:00 Huddersfield 0 v 2 Chelsea
Wednesday, December 13
14:45/19:45 Newcastle 1 v 1 Everton
14:45/19:45 Southampton 2 v 1 Leicester City
14:45/19:45 Swansea City 0 v 3 man c
15:00/20:00 Liverpool 4 v 0 West Brom
15:00/20:00 Manchester United 3 v 0 Bournemouth
15:00/20:00 Tottenham 3 v 0 Brighton
15:00/20:00 West Ham 1 v 1 Arsenal


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