Preview – The Manchester Derby

The city will either end up all blue or all red. Put the stats aside for a moment here. We all know Manchester United has dominated the rule but now with a force just across the road that is unbeatable and apparently also unstoppable, it is not hard to determine who has the power to rule. Let’s go and check some of the head to head stats and see if we can settle on an ultimate justification on who’s better.

Pep Guardioula Vs. Jose Murinho:

The only history worth pulling back is when these two coaches went on full throttle during the campaign spells in the Spanish La Liga with Barcelona FC and Real Madrid. The bad blood is always there. Pep has an outstanding career with all of the teams he coached. He has probably filled up more trophies under his name then any other coach out there and his tactics is very simple, pass and pass and pass until you are in distance of a shot that’s guaranteed to be a goal. On the other side, Jose is like the cold blooded vicious and notorious bad boy who will not stop until he gets a successful result. Tactics are less of an offensive mentality but rather more of a defensive one. The coach who’s well known in parking the bus, where scoring is halted for a victorious win. So many questions, so who’s better ?

Blue Attack or Red Attack:

City has Aguero, and United has Lukaku. However these two are not threats as much as those who rotate around them. Sterling, de Bruyne and Sane with Silva. Pace control and agility gets the goals coming in at any moment. You need a strong defence to put all these players in their place, one small mistake and they will shoot you down. I even wonder why they are still interested in Alexandria Sanchez of Arsenal when they have enough firepower to take down fort Knox. United on the other hand Martial, Jese Lingard, Valencia and Ashley Young are all good players but not life threatening. It’s more of a matter of Sprint with the ball till one can score. And with Pogba out it seems a more of a defensive formation shall be put in place.

In my opinion, Manchester City will either score two goals and settle or Manchester United will park the bus and settle for a draw. Otherwise one team might demolish the other in the derby.