Week 11 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

The week 11 Premier League previews and predictions come following a week of European competitions as well as the week before yet another interruption for international games. There are a few interesting matches this weekend and a couple of big matches on Sunday. Sky Sports can finally use their “Super Saturday” tag and actually have it apply.

The midweek European competitions had some great results for Premier League clubs including the fantastic 3-0 win for Tottenham over Real Madrid.

Week 11 Predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Saturday, November 4
7:30/12:30 Stoke City 2 v 2 Leicester City
10:00/15:00 Huddersfield 0 v 0 West Brom
10:00/15:00 Newcastle 2 v 1 Bournemouth
10:00/15:00 Southampton 0 v 0 Burnley
10:00/15:00 Swansea City 1 v 1 Brighton
10:00/15:00 West Brom 0 v 4 Man C
12:30/17:30 West Ham 2 v 3 Liverpool
Sunday, November 5
7:00/12:00 Tottenham 2 v 1 Crystal Palace
9:15/14:15 Man City 3 v 1 Arsenal
11:30/16:30 Chelsea 0 v 0 Manchester United
11:30/16:30 Everton 1 V 2 Watford


Watch the video round up for week 11:

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