Best 10 Premier League players of all time

It is hard to determine the criteria for best Premier League players but we have determined to focus on the style and performance of the player first, then the number of titles he has won during his career in Premier League. With all that in mind, let’s start out TOP 10 list with the number 10:

  1. Ashley Cole

A controversial player who won’t leave you indifferent is the best way to describe Ashley Cole. He is one of the best left-backs in the Premier League who was a threat no matter where he played. He has won the Premier League titles 2 with Arsenal and 1 time with Chelsea.

9. Patrick Vieira

One of the most representative Arsenal captains is definitely Partick Vieria. Playing the midfield player is something that comes naturally to him and every transition between defense and offense he performs flawlessly. He has won the Premier League title 3 times alongside with other cups.

  1. Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer is now retired, but in his time, he was considered as one of the best football players. He holds at least 3 records and the most interesting one is the highest number of hattricks in Premier League. He has won 3 Golden boots and one Premier League title.

  1. John Terry

Another perfect example of the perfect captain is John Terry at that spot in Chelsea. Terry leaves his heart on the field and his team follows him wherever he goes. Everybody loves him and it is not rare to see that this man is called the Captain, the Leader, and the Legend. He has won 4 Premier League titles and he will definitely be on this list for a long time.

  1. Frank Lampard

Lampard is a midfielder, no matter if you are talking about central, attacking or defensive because is absolutely amazing in every position. He has 3 Chelsea Player of the year titles and 3 Premier League titles in his pocket so we can honestly say he knows what he is doing on the football field.

  1. Eric Cantona

Also known as King Eric, he was the „favorite child“ of Manchester United fans and definitely one of the most charismatic players. Besides charisma, he has the biggest talent which is seen in his football career. 4-time Premier League winner and famous for his number 7, Eric Cantona deserve to be on this list.

4.Thierry Henry

Another amazing footballer who lives and breathes football is Thierry Henry. With incredible speed and style, he is one of the best football players in Premier League. Arsenal was his home and he did the most amazing things with that team, like winning the Premier League title 2 times.

  1. Christiano Ronaldo

One of the best football players today, Christiano Ronaldo has one of the best footwork we have seen in a long time. Manchester United was his ticket to the high football world and with that club, he has won Premier League 3 times and PFA player of the year 2 times.

  1. Paul Scholes

Paul is known as the best midfielder in the Premier League and he is called that for a reason. He has the amazing ability to score from a large distance and he does it often. He can control the entire game and that is why he has won the Premier League title 11 times!

  1. Ryan Giggs

At the top of this list, it is getting really hard to determine who belongs where so only the details will prevail here. This is the Manchester’s giant who plays with the same fire since the day he started and that’s what makes him so amazing. That and the fact that he has won the Premier League title 13 times!


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