Week 5 Premier League Predictions 2017-18

Week 5 Premier League predictions return following the first week of Champions League football. How this will affect the teams involved remains to be seen, but injuries could play a part in how this weekend’s set of fixtures goes.

Week 5 kicks off on Friday evening meaning that FPL managers need to get their teams set in time for the 15:00/20:00 kickoff time. As a quick, friendly reminder, remember that teams need to be saved 2 hours before kickoff. Friday’s match is one that could be interesting, although I think it’s going to be more on the dull side. Brighton did finally pick up their first win of the season against West Brom, but have still scored just 3 goals so far. This is still better than the 1 goal scored by Bournemouth who have also allowed 8 (tied for second most this season).

Saturday morning has what should be a solid first match of the day featuring Crystal Palace and new manager Roy Hodgson. I do believe he will make a difference with this team. Last week’s 1-0 loss to Burnley was much closer than the score line showed. The fact that Palace didn’t score at all is a credit to Burnley’s defense as well as some lack of luck on the side of the Eagles. With 23 shots they certainly should have scored at least one goal, but the bigger issue is that only 4 of those shots were actually on target (compared to Burnley’s 4 shots with 2 on target). Southampton has been struggling recently and this could be the chance that Palace need to get back to winning. I, for one, am ready to bail on my Southampton defenders after giving up 4 goals in their last 3 matches.

In the Liverpool v Burnley match, I am expecting Burnley to give them a game, but ultimately come away empty handed. With Liverpool’s strong attacking force, it’s a matter of how many goals they score in this match, unless they get reduced to ten men again in which case, who knows what could happen considering how porous their defense is in these situations.

Sunday should be a good day for some football starting out with Chelsea v Arsenal. Sure, Arsenal are coming in hot from a 3-0 win over Bournemouth, but that was against Bournemouth and Arsenal are the very definition of flat track bullies. Instead, I see Chelsea winning this one, if not easily, at least fairly comfortably.

The final match of the weekend features Wayne Rooney’s return to Old Trafford in the blue of Everton. He should get a warm welcome from the United supporters, but let’s hope that is as far as he is welcomed. Manchester United’s defense this season has been mostly solid, but last week’s 2-2 draw against Stoke shows that there are weaknesses in there that can be exploited. Whether or not Everton have the firepower to exploit them or if Mourinho can close those gaps, will be an interesting tactical battle to observe. Just remember Everton have scored just 2 goals this season while allowing 6 compared to United’s 12 goals scored and 2 allowed. There is also the fact that United is now undefeated in their past 19 home matches.

Week 5 Predictions:


Home       Away Final Score

Friday, September 17

15:00/20:00 Bournemouth 0 v 2 Brighton  2-1

Saturday, September 16

7:30/12:30 Crystal Palace 2 v 1 Southampton  0-1
10:00/15:00 Huddersfield 2 v 2 Leicester City  1 – 1
10:00/15:00 Liverpool 2 v 1 Burnley  1-1
10:00/15:00 Newcastle 1 v 3 Stoke City  2-1
10:00/15:00 Watford 1 v 2 Man C  0 – 6
10:00/15:00 West Brom 1 v 1 West Ham  0 – 0
12:30/17:30 Tottenham 2 v 0 Swansea City  0-0

Sunday, September 10


Chelsea 2 v 0 Arsenal  0-0
11:00/16:00 Manchester United 2 v 1 Everton  4 – 0


That wraps up the week 5 Premier League predictions. I am planning to put out a video preview of gameweek 5 FPL tips later this week; most likely on Friday morning. I’m definitely looking forward to another weekend of matches coming up!