2017-18 Premier League Preseason Predictions

The 2017-18 Premier League season is nearing its start with the first match kicking off on Friday, August 11 and further matches continuing through the weekend. As always I am excited for the new season after taking a break from football through most of the summer. In addition to Premier League matches, I’m also excited to get the new season of FPL underway and do plan to put out FPL tips throughout the 2017-18 season.

As always, making predictions isn’t an exact science, but I do try to take a look at whatever relevant data that I can find. Making preseason predictions is even more difficult due to the fact that there really isn’t any “sample size” at this point. Instead, it’s relying on conjecture surrounding transfers that may (or may not) pan out along with the bits and pieces of last season’s performances that could be used.

Here are my 2017-19 Premier League preseason predictions.

Premier League Champion

Manchester City have splashed the cash this summer and are certainly favorites to win the Premier League in 2017-18. They are my pick for winners and anything short of that should be seen as a failure for the light blues.

Top Four

Manchester City


Manchester United


The top four is a very difficult one to predict this year, but I put Arsenal in fourth above both Liverpool and Tottenham with the understanding that Arsenal will focus on the Premier League and Champions League qualification, while the other two will have their focus split with the Premier League and Champions League. With Everton strengthening their team and Leicester City showing signs of improvement at the end of last season, there is more competition in the middle of the table. Even West Ham could be pushing some of these teams considering the big signings they have made.


Relegation is often one of the most difficult things to predict. Invariably there is a recently promoted team that goes back down accompanied by a Premier League team that struggles all season and a third team that only ends up falling apart in the last 1-2 months of the season.

My predictions for this year’s relegation include:




League Cup winner

These knockout tournaments are often difficult to predict, but I do believe that a Premier League team will win it again. I’m predicting that Arsenal will go for picking up an early trophy with the League Cup this year.

FA Cup winner

With the changes made this season and various upgrades, my prediction for the FA Cup winners is with Everton. Adding Wayne Rooney to the team does provide them with some pedigree and even a bit of drive to push for a trophy. Much of this will certainly depend on where they put their focus, but I can certainly see them pushing hard to pick up a domestic trophy this season, and the FA Cup is still a prestigious one.

That wraps up my preseason predictions for this 2017-18 Premier League season. I plan to put out weekly predictions for each set of fixtures throughout the season and also hope to keep up with FPL tips as well. I am certainly excited for the new season to kick off and I’m looking forward to all of the highs throughout the year. As always, good luck and have fun!