Week 38 Premier League Predictions 2016-17

Each week I take a look at the Premier League fixtures, table, and statistics to provide a brief analysis and predictions including FPL matchups and FPL tips for week 38.  Get your fantasy tips here to set your team whether you play in the official FPL game, daily fantasy, or a draft fantasy Premier League game.

The final matches of the 2016-17 season have finally arrived. In many ways there is almost nothing to play for. After so much drama throughout the season, this week 38 seems almost pointless. Yes, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place are still up for grabs, but even that isn’t much to get excited about.

These end of season matches are so difficult to predict, particularly when there is so little to play for and there really is very little to play for except for Arsenal, Liverpool, and man city. Still, the games will be played and there will be at least something riding on each match this weekend.

Week 38 Predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Sunday, May 21
10:00/15:00 Arsenal 2 v 1 Everton
10:00/15:00 Burnley 2 v 2 West Ham
10:00/15:00 Chelsea 3 v 1 Sunderland
10:00/15:00 Hull City 0 v 2 Tottenham
10:00/15:00 Leicester City 3 v 2 Bournemouth
10:00/15:00 Liverpool 3 v 0 Middlesbrough
10:00/15:00 Manchester United 0 v 1 Crystal Palace
10:00/15:00 Southampton 1 v 1 Stoke City
10:00/15:00 Swansea City 2 v 2 West Brom
10:00/15:00 Watford 0 v 4 Man C


Week 38 FPL Tips:

The biggest question is which teams will show up and which will be going through the motions. As mentioned above, Arsenal, Liverpool, and man city are all playing for top four places and will need wins to ensure they get what they want. Picking from any of these three teams is a safe pick to be sure.

In the realm of having nothing to play for but still viable options there are Chelsea and Tottenham. The problem with Chelsea is that they will most likely rest players to prepare for the FA Cup final, but also keep a few starters in. The big question marks revolve around Eden Hazard and Diego Costa. Cesc Fabregas is a good pick as well as Cesar Azpilicueta, but Courtois could be one getting a rest in favor of Asmir Begovic.

For Tottenham I’m expecting them to put out a full squad and continue winning, especially after their 6-1 mauling of Leicester City. They may not churn out that many goals, but then again, they are facing already relegated Hull City.

Leicester City were one of the teams that I was going to tip for big things in this final match, but they looked mostly asleep against Tottenham which sheds some doubt on their ability to turn up. This does mean that Bournemouth should be good candidates, especially when trying to find some bargain picks.

One differential to look at would be Manchester United. This is one that you will want to check out on Saturday to see who is staying at the Lowry, but it is a good bet that Joel Pereira will be starting in goal and would be a fantastic cheap differential to make room for higher priced players elsewhere. With United playing in the Europa League final on Wednesday, they will definitely be resting players, so be careful who you pick.

My last tip of this set of week 38 fixtures, is to wait as long as possible before making your transfers and setting your team. Many teams will be resting players and still others may bring up youth players to get a match in, so be careful when picking your FPL team. About the only three teams to really rely on are Arsenal, Liverpool, and man city. Good luck and have fun!