Week 36 Premier League Predictions 2016-17

Each week I take a look at the Premier League fixtures, table, and statistics to provide a brief analysis and predictions including FPL matchups and FPL tips for week 36.  Get your fantasy tips here to set your team whether you play in the official FPL game, daily fantasy, or a draft fantasy Premier League game.

This weekend kicks off on Friday evening where Tottenham can close the gap on Chelsea to just one point. Having already won 9 matches in a row they are clear favorites to beat West Ham despite the Hammers recent turnaround. Chelsea shouldn’t have any problem winning as they host Middlesbrough in Monday’s match which would then return their lead to four points with just three matches left to play.

At the bottom of the table Hull City should be able to come away with all three points at home to already relegated Sunderland. With Middlesbrough facing Chelsea and Swansea City hosting Everton, it looks likely that Hull City will be the only one of these three to pick up points.

As far as the top four goes Liverpool are at home to Southampton where they really should come away with all three points. I’m expecting them to draw to a Southampton team that looked good in their 4-2 loss to Chelsea and have several players that need to prove themselves.

The Arsenal v Manchester United match on Sunday afternoon will likely be the highlight of the weekend in terms of the result. The match itself may not be such a highlight, considering United’s penchant for churning out draws this season and Arsenal’s inability to win when they need to. Much of this match will hinge on how United does in their Europa League match and if Jose Mourinho decides to follow through on his threat to rest players for Sunday’s Premier League match.

Week 36 Predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Friday, May 5
15:00/20:00 West Ham 0 v 2 Tottenham 1-0
Saturday, May 6
7:30/12:30 Man City 3 v 1 Crystal Palace  5 – 0
10:00/15:00 Bournemouth 1 v 0 Stoke City 2-2
10:00/15:00 Burnley 0 v 0 West Brom  2 – 2
10:00/15:00 Hull City 2 v 0 Sunderland  0-2
10:00/15:00 Leicester City 2 v 0 Watford  3 – 0
12:30/17:30 Swansea City 2 v 1 Everton  1 – 0
Sunday, May 7
8:30/13:30 Liverpool 2 v 2 Southampton  0 – 0
11:00/16:00 Arsenal 1 v 0 Manchester United  2 – 0
Monday, May 8
15:00/20:00 Chelsea 2 v 0 Middlesbrough  3 – 0
14:45/19:45 Southampton 0 v 0 Arsenal 0-2


Week 36 FPL Tips:

Southampton and Arsenal both have a double gameweek for week 36 and I would tip them both for points. Southampton’s players are significantly more affordable and offer great value. On Arsenal’s side, having Alexis Sanchez is a must considering his ability to change a game. Outside of Alexis is a bit of a crap shoot with every other Arsenal player being wildly inconsistent or error prone. Hector Bellerin or Laurent Koscielny aren’t bad choices since they both have attacking points this season.

I hate to tip any man city or liverpool players, but they both have rather favorable home matchups and have been scoring goals and FPL points. Better to stick with the big name players in those two matches.

Outside of all the big points getters there are a few differentials to look at.

Hull City’s Harry Maguire has been quietly picking up points in recent weeks with 21 points over the last three matches. With Hull City taking on already relegated Sunderland he is a great defender to pick up at just 4.4 and has just 0.9% ownership. For 0.1 pound more you can also get Andrea Ranocchia who has just 1.5% ownership and has 37 points in the last 6 matches. In fact, picking Hull City players is a great option for this weekend.

The biggest tip for week 36 is to remember the upcoming week 37 double gameweek.

Week 37 features 10 teams with two matches and many of them are some of the top teams in the league. Here is a list of teams playing two matches in week 37:

Arsenal – Stoke (A), Sunderland (H)

Chelsea – West Brom (A), Watford (H)

Leicester City – Man City (A), Tottenham (H)

Man City – Leicester (H), West Brom (H)

Manchester United – Tottenham (A), Southampton (A)

Southampton – Middlesbrough (A), Manchester United (H)

Sunderland – Swansea City (H), Arsenal (A)

Tottenham – Manchester United (H), Leicester City (A)

Watford – Everton (A), Chelsea (A)

West Brom – Chelsea (H), Man City (A)

There are some teams in that list with easier schedules (Arsenal) while others have it much more difficult (Manchester United). At this point you can either build towards setting up your team for this week or prepare with your wild card either this weekend or next.

One last tip for the week: Make sure that you use all of you chips and remember that they can’t be stacked. This includes stacking a wild card with a chip. If you use your wild card you will need to wait to use a chip. My own plan is to wild card for this weekend and use it to prepare for both week 36 and week 37 then use my bench boost for week 37 and all out attack for week 38.