Week 20 Premier League Predictions 2016-17

Week 20 in the Premier League returns early Monday after less than 24 hours since the completion of week 19 matches. Some teams will have less than 2 days to prepare for the return of the competition, but it will have to suffice.

For FPL managers this makes for quite a conundrum since there will certainly be some players out and being rested, but the question is which ones will be sat out and which will be playing. It is important to remember that the following weekend will be the third round FA Cup matches and could mean that some managers will look ahead to these fixtures and begin preparing for them as well. This simply means that some players may be rested for the Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday fixture to prepare for the FA Cup matches, or players will be played and rested over the next weekend.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say exactly how each team will be approaching this. Depending on who was rested on Saturday or Sunday will also play a role in who is sat out for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

Week 20 Predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Monday, January 2
7:30/12:30 Middlesbrough 1 v 1 Leicester City  0 – 0
10:00/15:00 Everton 1 v 1 Southampton  3-0
10:00/15:00 Man City 1 v 0 Burnley  2 – 1
10:00/15:00 Sunderland 3 v 3 Liverpool  2 – 2
10:00/15:00 West Brom 2 v 0 Hull City  3 – 1
12:15/17:15 West Ham 2 v 2 Manchester United  0-2
Tuesday, January 3
14:45/19:45 Bournemouth 1 v 1 Arsenal
15:00/20:00 Crystal Palace 3 v 1 Swansea City
15:00/20:00 Stoke City 2 v 1 Watford
Wednesday, January 4
15:00/20:00 Tottenham 0 v 1 Chelsea

Week FPL 20 FPL Tips have been included in the previous post for Gameweek 19 and 20 FPL Tips.

Whatever gameweek 20 brings I hope that they are some exciting matches to ring in the New Year and hopefully 2017 will be a good one. Good luck and have fun!