Week 10 FPL Tips 2016-17

In past weeks I have recommended that FPL managers drop Sergio Aguero and I feel that I have been vindicated by this move. The problem has been that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not performed well either in this time.

With Man City’s upcoming fixtures looking quite favorable, this is the time to bring him back in, that is, if you believe he can return to form. Man City play West Brom (A) followed by Middlesbrough (H) before the next international break. Following the break they take on Crystal Palace (A) and Burnley (A).

I do not plan on picking him up at all this season. While I currently have Ibrahimovic in my team I will ship him out if he isn’t able to perform in the next two Manchester United fixtures against Burnlety (H) and Swansea (A).

I am not at all worried about not having Zlatan or Aguero in my team and believe that these points can be picked up in midfield. With Romelu Lukaku up front I can pair him with two mid to lower priced forwards including possibly Diego Costa and Charlie Austin or Jermain Defoe.

Liverpool midfielders are still a hot commodity right now and their fixtures remain positive with upcoming matches against Crystal Palace (A) and Watford (H). It’s simply a matter of choosing which one fits into your squad in terms of price and value.

If you are looking to add a defender Chelsea look like prime candidates, particularly Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso. They have picked up three clean sheets in a row.

That wraps up this week’s brief FPL tips for gameweek 10. I’m really hoping for a big week since this FPL season has not been kind to me, at least not overall. There was a point where I was in the top 100k in the world, but that was several weeks ago and since then I’ve plummeted.

I do hope this week is kind to your teams as well. Good luck and have fun!