Week 8 Premier League Predictions 2016-17

Now that another boring international break out of the way we can return to the real football this weekend with the Premier League returning for week 8. Matchups for this weekend are quite mixed particularly with the volatility of the Manchester United v Liverpool derby taking place on Monday. Monday fixtures are always a bit tricky when it comes to setting FPL teams, but the extra couple of days rest should certainly benefit both sides.

Man City currently sit top of the table, but are hosting an Everton team that has the second fewest goals allowed this season. This is certain to be a good match to watch no matter who ends up winning.

The first match kicking off the weekend should be an interesting match as well. Leicester has struggled to find a good run of form while Chelsea has also failed to live up to expectations to start this season.

Week 8 Predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Saturday, October 15
7:30/12:30 Chelsea 1 v 2 Leicester City  3-0
10:00/15:00 Arsenal 3 v 0 Swansea City  3 – 2
10:00/15:00 Bournemouth 1 v 1 Hull City  6-1
10:00/15:00 Man City 1 v 1 Everton  1-1
10:00/15:00 Stoke City 1 v 2 Sunderland  2-0
10:00/15:00 West Brom 0 v 2 Tottenham 1-1
12:30/17:30 Crystal Palace 2 v 2 West Ham  0-1
Sunday, October 16
8:30/13:30 Middlesbrough 1 v 3 Watford  0 – 1
11:00/16:00 Southampton 1 v 0 Burnley  3 – 1
Monday, October 17
15:00/20:00 Liverpool 3 v 2 Manchester United 0-0


As always these predictions are meant as a tool to check out which teams may fare well while others may struggle. I don’t have any fancy algorithms (though I would love one if anybody has one), but instead try to look through the stats and predict what I believe a reasonable score might be. Hopefully these can be somewhat useful as you check matchups for your fantasy Premier League team.