Zlatan v Aguero: Why You Should Pick Zlatan

So far both Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sergio Aguero have the started the season with three goals apiece in the first two matches of the season. The question at this point is which one to earn, provided that you don’t own both. I am here to tell you why you should pick Zlatan.

So far they both have 22 points, joint most for FPL, and have picked up the full 3 points in each match. Aguero has earned 90 points in their bonus points system compared to Zlatan at 87. So far Zlatan has 5 shots taken and 4 of those on target while Aguero has 10 shots, but only 5 on target. They both have 3 key passes each with Zlatan completing 46 passes total and Aguero completing 43. As far as aerial duels won, Zlatan has won 4 out of 7 while Aguero has won just 1 out of 7.

Really there is very little separating the two at this point in terms of statistics. The one thing that does separate them is their price tag. Taking Zlatan at 11.6 can save you 1.5 considering Aguero’s cost at 13.1. This has been the thinking of many with I’rahimovic’s selection percentage increasing to 51.2% compared to Aguero at 50.3%. Again, there is very little difference between these two. Ibrahimovic is currently the third most transferred player with 252,608 transfers in already and Aguero has been transferred in by 178,752 teams. (These stats are as of the morning of 8/23/16 and are likely to rise.)

At the moment I have Sergio Aguero along with Alavaro Negredo and Andre Gray. My plan is to swap out Aguero for Ibrahimovic and use the funds to make an additional, as yet undecided, change in either midfield or defense.

I will admit up front that one of the primary reasons for this is that Ibra is a Manchester United player while Aguero plays for Man City. With the upcoming Manchester Derby I want to be able to root for players on my FPL team to score. This is my first reason for the change.

The next thing to look at is playing time. In the coming months both Manchester clubs will be involved in multiple competitions with United playing in the Europa League, Capital One Cup, and FA Cup while Man City will have the latter two in addition to the Champions League. There is also the matter of international matches to be played.

This is where I believe the big difference in minutes will come in. Ibrahimovic is no longer playing for Sweden so he will have both international breaks as an actual break while Aguero will need to travel to South America for Argentina’s 2018 World Cup qualifying matches. This puts extra stress on Aguero both in terms of travel, playing time, and the fact that he will have two competitive matches on September 1 and 6 just prior to the derby played on September 10.

I do believe that Zlatan was brought to United with the sole intent of winning the Premier League which means he will be playing almost exclusively in Premier League matches. That means no Europa League or Capital One Cup. It is possible that he will get in a match here and there even a few matches in the FA Cup, but the squad depth at United is such that he doesn’t need to be played and there are plenty of other options available in these competitions.

Meanwhile Aguero will be expected to play in Champions League matches in addition to most Premier League matches, provided he isn’t injured, which is an ongoing concern for Aguero. You only need to look at Aguero’s extensive injury history to see that he’s prone to at least one injury every season.

I’m expecting Zlatan to be available for all of United’s Premier League matches, bar a few matches here in there most likely over the Christmas period. This ties in to both Mourinho’s tendency to stick with a select few players as well as the expectation by the club, and Zlatan, that United will push to win the Premier League title.

Sergio Aguero, on the other hand, will almost certainly miss Premier League matches and I would take the over on at least 7 matches this season that he doesn’t play in for one reason or another. If he is sat out for a rest this will likely be against lower table opposition later in the year. This also comes at a time when his price will remain high and makes it difficult to transfer him in and out on a week by week basis.

By swapping to Zlatan early you are able to lock in his price and you are buying into the consistency of week on week starting in addition to having a player who is the go to target for scoring goals. If you happen to have both Zlatan and Aguero, just remember that there will come a time when Aguero is sitting on the bench or in the stands and not contributing to your team. With Zlatan only, you will probably miss out on points from Aguero, but there is also the chance to pick up points from other players which will become valuable later in the season. That is all to say that why you should pick Zlatan for your FPL team is because he will be the more consistent points scorer for the season as a whole.