FPL Tips Gameweek 2

To start out it is important to point out that the first match of the weekend takes place on Friday evening with kickoff at 20:00 (15:00ET). This means that all FPL teams lock for the WEEKEND at 19:00. The very first tip for gameweek 2 is to make sure that you get your team set early. This especially true considering the debacle of the week 1 in which many FPL managers were not able to get their team set due to connection errors on the site.

I suppose it is a sign of the increasing popularity that the site experienced so many problems, but at the same time, that is a pretty massive failure on the part of the Premier League and being able to manage their servers properly. With all of that money streaming in, you would think they could afford to increase their server capacity.

Moving on from ranting about the technical aspects of maintaining the FPL game let’s dive into some week 2 FPL tips.


If you went with my week 1 goalkeeping differential of Lukasz Fabianski, then you were one of the few that picked up the second most points for goalkeepers with 8. He’s still a good pick with an increase to just over 3% ownership and facing Hull City. Despite their week 1 win, Hull are still a favorable match up for Swansea who will meet them at home.

It might be a bit early to swap goalkeepers, but moving for Fabianski isn’t the worst move. At £5.0 he’s a little pricey and picking up someone like Maarten Stekelenburg at £5.0 could be a better move considering Everton’s favorable run of fixtures coming up.


West Brom and Swansea were the only teams to keep a clean sheet in week 1, but in week 2 there are other teams with that potential. This includes the likes of Everton at West Brom, West Ham hosting Bournemouth, Chelsea away to Watford, and Tottenham hosting Crystal Palace.

If you’re looking at a differential to mix in, Kyle Naughton is still under 2% owned and is a bargain at £4.5. His Swansea teammate Stephen Kingsley won’t always pick up assists, but the fact that he did get one to give him top scoring for defenders with 8 points, is certainly a good sign. This is especially true when looking at his £4.1 price tag and under 10% ownership.

James Collins at £4.5 is another great pick who is under 4% owned and has several favorable fixtures coming up. West Ham take on Bournemouth (H) this week followed by a Man City away in week 3. However, after this they take on Watford (H), West Brom (A), Southampton (H), and Middlesbrough (H), all of which should be decent for the Hammers.


Could it be possible that Eden Hazard is back? While I didn’t mention him previously, he’s one of the players that I brought in for week 1. With Chelsea newly invigorated by the arrival of Antonio Conte I am expecting Hazard to return to his form of past seasons rather than what he went through last year. At £10.0 he carries a hefty price tag and his over 20% ownership seems certain to rise, but there are reasons for both.

If you are thinking of joining the over 12% of owners who brought in Paul Pogba, I would advise against it. Yes, he’s a dynamic midfielder that should change the way Manchester United play, but he may not play the full 90 minutes on Friday and it seems unlikely that he will play forward enough to warrant picking in the official game. At £8.5 he’s rather expensive and there are better options out there.

One option that is better would be Nathan Redmond. I’m tipping him to be one of the breakout players of the season, similar to Riyad Mahrez or Dimitri Payet. He may not rise to quite those same levels, but at £6.0 it’s hard to pass him up, especially with Southampton needing someone to fill the role of Sadio Mane.


Whether you picked Zlatan or Sergio Aguero (or both) to start the season you ended up picking well for the first week. With both of them scoring a goal they are joint top FPL points scorers for forwards along with Alvaro Negredo. So far there have been several decent picks up front including Adama Diomande who is certainly the lowest priced starting forward this season at £4.1 (rising 0.1 after scoring the opening goal of this Premier League season).

With the massive cost of owning Zlatan or Aguero it is necessary to carry at least one mid-priced forward. For now, my recommendation is to go with Negredo. He isn’t always going to score goals, but Middlesbrough have a good string of fixture coming up all the way up to gameweek 6. This includes Sunderland (A), West Brom (A), Crystal Palace (H), and Everton (A). Gameweek 6 sees them face off against Tottenham at home and this could turn out to be a favorable match up as well.

Hopefully some of these tips are able to help you out in picking your gameweek 2 FPL team.