Week 27 Premier League predictions

Week 27 Premier League predictionsWith the Capital One Cup final taking place on Sunday it is important to note, if you haven’t already, that there are only eight matches this weekend instead of the normal ten. With Liverpool taking on Man City both of their week 27 Premier League games have been postponed. This means that both Everton and Newcastle United get the weekend off.

Week 27 Premier League predictions:

Time Home       Away Final Score
Saturday, February 27
7:45ET/12:45BT West Ham United 3 v 2 Sunderland 1 – 0
10:00ET/15:00BT Leicester City 3 v 1 Norwich City  1 – 0
10:00ET/15:00BT Southampton 1 v 1 Chelsea  1-2
10:00ET/15:00BT Stoke City 2 v 1 Aston Villa  2 – 1
10:00ET/15:00BT Watford 2 v 2 Bournemouth  0 – 0
12:30ET/17:30BT West Brom 0 v 1 Crystal Palace 3-2
Sunday, February 28
9:05ET/14:05BT Manchester United 1 V 3 Arsenal  3 – 2
9:05ET/14:05BT Tottenham 2 v 0 Swansea City  2 – 1


What this all means for fantasy Premier League managers is that you will need to be aware of which players will not be playing this weekend. In addition to this FPL managers will need to start preparing (or have already started) for the gameweek 30 week which will feature just six matches due to the FA Cup.

Week 30 has the following teams with a blank: Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Sunderland, Watford, and West Ham United. Now is the time to start getting your team ready for week 30 since you only get one free transfer each week, unless of course you use your wild card. For myself, and my FPL tip for this week, I would recommend saving your wild card and be ready to play it when the double (or possibly triple) gameweeks are announced. This is also the time to get ready to use your FPL chips, if you haven’t already.

For this weekend, there are a few favorable matchups, especially if you are playing in a daily fantasy soccer game. The problem will be trying to find differentials in these week 27 FPL matchups.

Leicester City are going to be the best stack for the weekend in terms of both offensive and defensive players. In week 27 they are at home against Norwich City who have given up 18 goals in their last six matches which includes five losses and one draw.

Tottenham facing Swansea City is another decent FPL matchup to look at for DFS. With five Premier League wins in a row they have scored 13 and allowed four while the Swans have picked up two points from their last three matches.

I’m touting both Watford and Bournemouth for points and see them as being fairly evenly matched. They have identical records in their last six matches as well as having the same -2 goal difference in this time. If you are picking players from either team I would say it’s safe to take both offensive and defensive options including taking a balance of players from both clubs.

In preparing your FPL teams for week 27, remember to avoid Everton, Liverpool, Man City, and Newcastle United and to start prepping your team for the week 30 blanks coming up.

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