Week 20 Premier League predictions

Week 20 Premier League PredictionsWeek 20 brings with it the first matches of 2016 in the Premier League. With Arsenal at the top of the table and Leicester City level on points, there are plenty of questions to be asked about the second half of the season. 19 matches are down leaving us with 19 more to go.

Leicester’s historic rise from bottom of the table last season to top of the table in 2015 has left many wondering if they will be able to maintain this form or will they drift away? There have been others in the past to work their way up the table and impress only to gradually drop back down the table before finishing respectably. Teams like Southampton, Liverpool, and West Ham over the past couple of seasons.

I believe Leicester is a team capable of finishing in the top four, but will most likely finish just outside of this closer to fifth or sixth. Chelsea are beginning to get their feet back under themselves and will certainly make a push for a top four finish, but I believe they will ultimately finish right around Leicester City as well.

My favorites for finishing top of the Premier League table are Manchester City. They have continued to push the top teams and will only get better the second half of the season.

For this weekend I’m pegging the top four teams to continue their trend of winning while Crystal Palace and Manchester United will continue to pick up results in the form of draws. They both face opposition that are beatable and these will be close matches, but it’s hard to predict United winning any time soon while Chelsea are in a similar predicament.

Time Home       Away Final Score
Saturday, January 2
7:45ET/12:45BT West Ham United 1 v 1 Liverpool  2-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Arsenal 3 v 0 Newcastle United  1 – 0
10:00ET/15:00BT Leicester City 2 v 0 Bournemouth  0-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Manchester United 0 v 0 Swansea City  2-1
10:00ET/15:00BT Norwich City 1 v 2 Southampton  1-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Sunderland 2 v 1 Aston Villa  3 – 1
10:00ET/15:00BT West Bromwich Albion 0 v 2 Stoke City  2-1
12:30ET/17:30BT Watford 1 v 3 Man City  1 – 2
Sunday, January 3
8:30ET/13:30BT Crystal Palace 2 V 2 Chelsea
11:00ET/16:00ET Everton 2 v 3 Tottenham Hotspur


Perhaps the most interesting match of the weekend is Sunderland v Aston Villa. A win for either team would be huge at this stage, but I’m giving Sunderland the slight advantage playing at home. It still remains to be seen as to whether Aston Villa has it in them to step up and score goals let alone win games.

The week 20 Premier League predictions ring in the New Year and hopefully will bring plenty of enjoyable matches to watch. Hopefully these predictions can give you some insight in developing your FPL teams when looking at the matchups on hand for gameweek 20.

As always feel free to get in touch via twitter or leave a comment here on the blog. Good luck and have fun!