Week 18 and 19 Premier League predictions

Week 18 and week 19 Premier League predictionsWith this season’s Boxing Day fixtures comes joy for some teams and gloom for others. With Leicester City securely at the top of the table on Christmas they will have plenty to celebrate going into the New Year. Arsenal, likewise, have much to celebrate being just two points off of first.

Those teams at the bottom, Aston Villa, Sunderland, and Swansea, can take some solace in the fact that there is still plenty of football left to played. At the end of these next two matches the 2015-16 season will be just halfway through, leaving another 19 more games to be played.

Then there is Manchester United whose current run of form has seen them sink to fifth place and puts manager Louis van Gaal as the front runner for the next Premier League managerial sacking. The rumors spread during the week may have been wrong, but they certainly weren’t unfair. The criticism leveled at LvG is certainly warranted considering that their last win, in all competitions, came against Watford over a month ago on November 15.

For this week’s Premier League predictions I will be doing both the week 18 Boxing Day fixtures as well as the following week 19 EPL matches.

Here are the week 18 Boxing Day Premier League predictions:


Time Home       Away Final Score
Saturday, December 26
7:45ET/12:45BT Stoke 2 v 0 Manchester United  2 – 0
10:00ET/15:00BT Aston Villa 1 v 1 West Ham United  1 – 1
10:00ET/15:00BT Bournemouth 2 v 3 Crystal Palace  0-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Chelsea 3 v 1 Watford  2-2
10:00ET/15:00BT Liverpool 1 v 3 Leicester City  1-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Man City 4 v 1 Sunderland  4 – 1
10:00ET/15:00BT Swansea 0 v 1 West Brom  1-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Tottenham 3 v 1 Norwich  3 – 0
12:30ET/17:30BT Newcastle United 2 v 2 Everton  0-1
14:45ET/19:45BT Southampton 0 v 2 Arsenal  4-0



Here are the week 19 Premier League predictions:


Time Home       Away Final Score
Monday, December 28
10:00ET/15:00BT Crystal Palace 2 v 1 Swansea City  0-0
10:00ET/15:00BT Everton 2 v 2 Stoke City  3-4
10:00ET/15:00BT Norwich City 2 v 0 Aston Villa  2 – 0
10:00ET/15:00BT Watford 2 v 3 Tottenham Hotspur  1 – 2
10:00ET/15:00BT West Bromwich Albion 0 v 0 Newcastle United  1-0
12:30ET/17:30BT Arsenal 2 v 0 Bournemouth  2 – 0
12:30ET/17:30BT Manchester United 0 v 2 Chelsea  0-0
12:30ET/17:30BT West Ham United 1 v 2 Southampton  2-1
Tuesday, December 29
14:45ET/19:45BT Leicester City 3 v 2 Man C  0-0
Wednesday, December 30
14:45ET/19:45BT Sunderland 1 v 1 Liverpool  0-1



That wraps up my predictions for week 18 and week 19 for the Premier League holiday season. Hopefully some of these EPL predictions can help you out in setting your Fantasy Premier League football team. Whether you are playing in the official FPL game, a draft league like Togga, or playing DFS in a league like Fanteam, good luck and have fun!