Week 17 Fantasy Premier League Preview

week 17 fantasy Premier League previewFor my week 17 fantasy Premier League preview I want to take a look at the best forwards in the game so far. The great thing about the current crop of top forwards this season is that only one of the top ten is over £9.8 in the official FPL game. That one is the currently injured Sergio Aguero at £13.0.

The fact that Aguero has been injured so frequently this season means that his ownership rate has dropped significantly down to just 11.3% and that number is even up due to the possibility of a return to Monday’s fixture at Arsenal.

The current top five forwards in the official fantasy Premier League game are:

Name Cost Points
Jaime Vardy £7.6 114
Romelu Lukaku £9.2 109
Odion Ighalo £6.0 103
Troy Deeney £5.2 72
Harry Kane £9.8 71


This changes slightly if you are playing in a Togga league or playing their Perfect XI game:

Name Points
Jaime Vardy 306
Odion Ighalo 240.50
Romelu Lukaku 235
Alexis Sanchez (currently injured) 214
Troy Deeney 207


This again changes when you look at the daily fantasy site Fanteam, although it should be noted that Troy Deeney is listed as a midfielder with Fanteam:

Name Cost Points
Jaime Vardy $12.4 118
Romelu Lukaku $14.2 111
Odion Ighalo $9.5 93
Harry Kane $11.8 70
Graziano Pelle $10.4 69


In the Togga format Harry Kane is ranked sixth with 178.5 points while Alexis Sanchez is listed as a midfielder in the official FPL game where he has 76 points, as well as on Fanteam where he has 81 points.

These statistics basically speak for themselves with Vardy, Lukaku, and Ighalo being the hottest in form forwards at the moment.


Let’s look at some of the statistics that shows why they are the hottest strikers right now with Olivier Giroud added as the fourth highest goal scoring for forwards:

Name Goals Shots On Target Chances Created Assists
Jaime Vardy 15 28 21 2
Romelu Lukaku 12 23 20 4
Odion Ighalo 10 27 17 5
Harry Kane 8 27 18 0
Olivier Giroud 9 20 9 0


The problem for Giroud has been his injuries this season, which has also hampered Aguero. Both players are those that team lineup sheets need to be checked before matches to see if they are going to play.

As you can see these are all players that put a lot of shots on target. Out of all of these player Odion Ighalo has the most shots per game inside the penalty area with an average of 3.2 which is followed by Graziano Pelle at 3.1. Jaimie Vardy has 2.8 per game with Giroud next at 2.6 followed by Harry Kane at 2.2. Romelu Lukaku averages 2 shots per game in the penalty area.

Being able to get a high number of shots in the penalty box obviously increases the chances of converting these shots into goals. These players have proven that they can convert these chances and will continue to do so for this season.

Whether you are playing in the official FPL game, a draft league like Togga, or in a daily fantasy Premier League game like Fanteam, the combinations of Vardy, Lukaku, Ighalo, and Kane will continue to net you points.

The week 17 fantasy Premier League fixtures shouldn’t be any different. Even if they don’t amass lots of points, you should still stick with them. Good luck and have fun!