Entranced: Players that will immobilize your opponents defense.

If your Premier League fantasy Soccer club is struggling. Chances are that your lineup is missing firepower. The kind capable of mimicking a wildfire, or better yet, immobilizing your opponents defense. The following players are capable of granting you the effect. If the offensive players are available on your waiver wire. Picking them up is highly recommended.

Manchester United Forward Memphis

Memphis is extremely talented with and away from the ball. His ability to navigate opposing defenders is impressive. The former PSV star is beginning to find success in the Premier League. Once he gets comfortable; his stock will rise considerably. If Memphis is available picking him up is a must.

Swansean City striker Bafétimbi Gomis

Gomis possess strong footwork. This trait combined with his knack for finding the net creates a deadly combo.  The french striker is a valuable addition to any fantasy soccer club. Acquiring him may be difficult, but if he’s available he will be a good investment.

Chelsea Forward Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro Rodriguez is one of the if not the most decorated athletes in Soccer history. The former Barcelona legend has already impacted Chelsea. His decision to join the Premier League made him briefly available.You should  acquire Pedro Rodriguez if you have the opportunity. The move will boost your offensive attack.It will also  give you an excuse; to watch one of the most exciting players on the planet.