GW3 Fantasy Premier League Preview

FPL Gameweek 3 tipsFor this season I have decided to try something different with my fantasy Premier League team. I will continue to provide tips for each gameweek, but for my teams, I’m not always going to follow my own advice.

This year I’ve created a second team, HugoLloris&the Ayews. With this team I’ve decided to try something completely different after listening to a recent podcast from Planet Money. This podcast, titled How Much Does This Cow Weigh, discusses the merits of the judgements of the collective. They discuss how often the average guesses of a large group of people can get very close to reality.

To be honest, I haven’t completely worked out my rules in how to apply this for my fantasy Premier League team, but I have started out by selecting as many players as I can by sorting by the teams selected by percentage option.

My goal is to keep this team filled with players that have been selected the most often while also limiting the amount of transfers made. I will generally wait till I have at least two free transfers just to be able to move around players and, whenever possible, will not make a transfer if it means taking a hit on points.

For this week I had two free transfers available so I swapped Bafetimbi Gomis in for Saido Berahino and swapped out Jordan Henderson to bring in Riyad Mahrez. This actually took my bank from being at £0.0 to now having £0.6, which isn’t ideal, but does give me some room for later gameweeks.

Here is my team for the FPL gameweek 3:

FPL Gameweek 3 Team

So far I have scored 68 points total and did start the season with this same mindset. Having listened to the Planet Money podcast merely got me to think that this experiment really could work.

If you want more FPL advice you can check out my most recent article for Togga on Failures and Flops: the FPL GW2 Review. You can also check out the week 3 Premier League predictions for more matchup information.

I do hope that this experiment of mine does work out and will always take suggestions on other ways to tweak this team. Good luck with your own fantasy Premier League setups this weekend!