Is Friday night football good for the Premier League

The Premier League’s decision to broadcast a Friday match wasn’t planned, but it will end up being a good idea. The league has already proven that it can thrive on Saturdays and occasionally some weekdays. Adding Fridays to the mix will be a major step forward and it is something that will be implemented next year. A change destined to enhance the sport.

It’s time for people to acknowledge reality: the Premier League has to cater to American fans as well. The reality gets even scarier. This change wouldn’t have occurred without the states. Not surprisingly the proposed change has been criticized. It’s extremely important that the league ignores critics. If they fail to follow this advice, they will make a dangerous mistake.

Purists may or may not like the concept for whatever reason. According to a recent Yahoo sports UK article, the Football League chief executive Shaun Harvey, complained about it’s effect on domestic competition. At the end of the day his and every local’s opinion is irrelevant. Friday night matches weren’t scheduled to preserve tradition or help domestic clubs. The league no longer only caters to it’s initial core audience. NBC sports just paid a billion dollars, for the rights to broadcast games in the states for the next six years.

The United States as well as every other television audience has a say. The audiences that don’t welcome change don’t belong in the conversation. Premier League Football has a chance to become a true global league. This opportunity won’t be achieved if people are in the way. People that disagree with the global philosophy shouldn’t be placed in a position of power.

Negativity is always more accessible and impacts more fully. There is a reason why local news stations rarely broadcast positivity. Change is extremely difficult for most people. When they’re forced to embrace it, they often get upset. This natural reaction is capable of interfering with positive progressing. Premier League fans and influential Soccer figures who have complained; are creating negativity. Exposing your self to this disease is counter productive. The Premier League needs to prove that they’re better than that.

Local fans have publicly criticized this decision. It’s normally important to give your fans an opportunity to share their views. However since their opinions support a none globalized Premier League, they should be ignored. Influential critics should be kicked out of the sport. Reality overshadows the wants or desires expressed by local fans.

Let’s be 100% if you don’t want your favorite sports league to be successful; your delusional. Clearly the critics aren’t thinking with their heads. That mentality never leads to conflict resolution. If people who are against globalization read this; they will be extremely upset. Don’t waste time comforting them. Let them suffer in their misery, while you enjoy a beautiful progressive globalized league.

If you don’t adapt you become extinct. Baseball didn’t globalize properly and now it’s declining rapidly. Premier League Soccer will meet a similar fate if Friday matches aren’t introduced. This catastrophic fate would be humiliating. The league doesn’t need humiliation, it needs a functional global expansion. Friday matches will lead to that extremely important change.