Understanding the new FPL rules

FPL rule changesWith the new fantasy Premier League season starting there are several new rules in place that all managers need to know about and understand how to use them. This includes the new “chip” system to go along with the wildcards of previous season.

These new chips are a way to enhance your team with All Out Attack, Triple Captain, and Bench Boost, but be wary of the rules with this and work on developing a strategy to figure out when you want to use these chips, since they are ONE TIME USE. Please note the all caps there, because this is very important for deciding when you want to use each one.

I will break down what each of these chips can do for your team and add a little bit of advice for each one as well. For a more in-depth look at these you can read the FPLAddicts.com version.

All Out Attack

Using this chip allows you to change your lineup to all out attack with a 2-5-3 formation for one gameweek. Ideally this would be played in a match week where there are several teams playing double matches. It could also be used in conjunction with a wildcard in order to bring in a stacked attacking lineup.

This chip lets you play all of your midfield and forward players for one week and should be used at a time when there are favorable matches that you can really benefit from these attacking players.

Triple Captain

This is a pretty simple boost in which your captained player for the week gains triple points instead of double. Like the all out attack chip it is going to be best used in a DGW. This is going to be a tricky one that could be a risk.

Picking your captain for the week is always a tricky thing and doesn’t always pay off. You could pick someone like Sergio Aguero facing off against Aston Villa and Leicester City in a DGW only to have him perform poorly, be subbed off in both matches and not score a goal.

With the triple captain chip you will be taking an even larger risk since this means possibly missing out on a massive points gain for a week.

Bench Boost

Once again this is another chip best used for a DGW. With this you will be able to get points for every player on your squad. This is another one that could be combined with a wildcard use to bring in a solid team filled with quality players.

Not only do you gain the normal points for your starting squad, you will also get points for all of the players on your bench, including the backup goalkeeper. This means that it will benefit you to have useful players in every position and not retain any throw away players used to fill roster spots and save on your salary cap.

Once again it is very important to remember that these are ONE TIME USE CHIPS. You also cannot use all three chips at one time. It is one chip for a gameweek and once it is used, it is gone for the season. Based on what I have read and seen with this chips, these are points boosters that will be best used later in the season to really gain ground.


This season there is a pretty major change in how wildcards are allocated. Instead of getting two wildcards with one only available for January, this year we are getting two wildcards to be used in each half of the season.

The first wildcard can be used during gameweeks 1-19 while the second wildcard can be used between gameweek 20-38.

This is a huge change and means that you can no longer save up that first wildcard to be used at the end of the season. At the same time, you no longer have a time limit on the use of the second wildcard. While there is a restriction on the use, there is also a bit more flexibility in that use.

Bonus Points System

The last big change made is in how bonus points are being awarded. The new changes give a major boost to defenders and goalkeepers while also balancing out the points awarded to midfielders. You can always read up on the rules for more details, or go visit FPLAddicts.com for their breakdown of these rules changes (I would recommend the latter, they do an excellent job of explaining this).

I do hope that this was helpful for you in making decisions for your FPL team this week and in the future. Keep coming back for my FPL tips each gameweek. You can follow me on twitter as well as joining some of my FPL leagues below.

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