American Viewers Finally Get Access To The Premier League

For the first time since last season. American Premier League fans will get access to regular season play. The leagues lack of international accessibility left most fans in the dark during the clubs US tour. Saturday’s early morning home opener has been highly anticipated by American and International fans alike. It will finally give stateside fans a glimpse at the club recent newcomers.

United spent more money than Mr Monopoly during the recent transfer window. Their spend as much as we can approach would be criticized in any other league. It wasn’t long ago that people accused the Dodgers of overspending. International Soccer puts up with it because United is the face of the sport. You can disagree with the statement. But you can’t deny their global fanbase. United’s reckless spending habits have increased the hype for this weekends match. It will be interesting to see how many fans tune in and if they buy into the hype the ratings should thrive, regardless of the outcome. The Premier League will be able to shatter the MLS All Star game ratings, a feat that’s not as difficult as it sounds.

The highly anticipated 2015 season begins, with United hosting the Spurs. United will be wearing their brand new Adidas shirts for the first time since signing a record endorsement deal. This exciting matchup features multiple intriguing storylines.Young star and US national team member Deandre Yedlin will be forced to battle the various United newcomers. Ideally he will end up near fellow young, athletic star Mephis Depay in a matchup that could elevate the sports stateside popularity instantly.

American sports fans like a great rivalry. There’s a reason why Yankees Vs Red Sox games are so popular. When you throw opposing young stars in the mix it becomes an instant classic. Depay is capable of taking the Premier League by storm and American fans will embrace him if he acts heroic. Out playing talented veterans is impressive. However stateside fans will be secretly; rooting for him to attack a young player. When two young soccer stars go at it the sport feels less foreign. Americans naturally root for the underdogs. It is part of their DNA

Casual fans have a lot to look forward to on Saturday. Multiple superstars including Rooney will be roaming the pitch. International Soccer is the only place you can find this level of condensed star power. A trait that NBC sports announcers will most likely mention. This selling point should attract new fans to the sport.  Listening to Soccer on the radio is one thing, watching it live on your television is a whole other animal. Saturday’s broadcast will give fans the ability to visualize the sport. An opportunity that many casual fans may have never had.

Soccer is the only sport that truly brings the whole world together. The Premier League’s international outreach is a perfect example of this phenomenon. The famous league has a true international following. Most international fans were able to watch the league’s preseason matches, however most Americans weren’t invited to the party. The Americans that were able to watch on cable TV enjoyed a special sneak preview. When the Premier League kicks off on August 8th the curtain will be pulled aside and the rest of America will be able to watch.