Monday Meeting News Notes

Ronaldo LA bound

Leading World Soccer Journalist Grant Wahl reported that the former Premier League star wants to play in LA. This story isn’t new but it is relevant. If Ronaldo makes the leap MLS will rival the NFL in popularity. The superstar is capable of mimicking the Jordan effect. He will complete what David Beckham started. Every Soccer fan wins if this situation occurs.

Fan Mania isn’t really crazy. 

Yahoo sports was unaware of the Premier League’s popularity in China. In a recent story they described it as mania. This so called phenomenon isn’t new, considering how many clubs have toured internationally in the past. European Soccer is hurt by attention grabbing headlines such as this one. It’s hard to take something that appears to be described as a phenomenon seriously.

Arsenal Adult ticket prices.

The Primer League attracts an international fanbase and millions of loyal consumers.When it comes to season ticket prices, Arsenal hurts you where it hurts. They charge more than any other club. Their most expensive adult tickets go for £2039 “$3172.2769. Insane season ticket prices haven’t; hindered the clubs previous attendance. Which is insane. The club finished second overall in attendance last season. Check out other clubs ticket prices, if you care about your wallet.

Fantasy Premier League Soccer

Fantasy sports are appealing because they enable fans to own their very own team. A fantasy draft is often part of the process. Fans have been able to participate in Fantasy Premier League Soccer for years. Many Fantasy Football leagues didn’t and still don’t offer a traditional drafting process. Instead every participant is given a pool of players. They then use the pool and a fixed  budget to assemble an initial club. Players that prefer American fantasy sports can now draft with the same method at Togga fantasy soccer.

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