Free draft style fantasy Premier League: Join Now

Fantasy SoccerPlay Togga has rolled out their second season of draft style fantasy soccer covering the Premier League for the 2015-16 season. Last season I was invited to participate in a draft style fantasy soccer league at Play Togga. It was a great experience and one that I recommend that all fans of fantasy Premier League get involved in.

For those familiar with other American style fantasy leagues, Togga provides a similar experience. After joining a league the manager of that league sets a draft time. If members are unable to participate, do not worry, players will be automatically drafted for them.

Perhaps the best part of the experience is doing the live draft itself, so you will want to try to be available for the time set up to draft.

Each league has a maximum of 12 teams total. When drafting a team it is important to ensure that all of you positions are covered. There have been a few changes made to this season’s setup including the ability to set flexible formations.

In last season’s iteration 4-4-2 was the standard setup, however, this season will see more variation and allow managers to build a team based on their own fantasy philosophy.

For those of you who have additional questions Togga has set up an FAQ as well as an opening welcome article detailing some of these changes.

I am very excited for this new season and especially the new mobile app version that will be available soon.

In addition there is the Perfect XI game that allows you to set up a weekly perfect team. Select whoever you want to add to your perfect fantasy team without any caps or minimums.

This season Premier Soccer Chat will be hosting a group for both the Perfect XI game as well as the draft fantasy soccer game at Togga. Later this week Togga is planning to release their Pre-Season Buying Guide which gives in-depth team and player overviews featuring two teams completed by Todd Shenk here at Premier Soccer Chat.


Premier League fantasy draft league code:  7RJZZFWR88 


Draft Time: Friday, July 31 @ 5:00pm EDT (22:00GMT)


Premier League fantasy draft league 2: XAX8J4R7VX


Draft Time: Saturday, August 1 @ 10:00am EDT (15:00 GMT)


Perfect XI League: Z5E6B5W35Y


If the draft league fills up PSC will start a new league to fit members in. Just contact via email or twitter to get involved!


In addition there is the official fantasy Premier League season league that you can join here: 233083-96161