Vlad Dragomir Signs With Arsenal’s Youth Team

Vlad Dragomir Signs for ArsenalNorth London’s renowned soccer club, Arsenal, maintains a youth team called the Gunners. Many of the Arsenal’s best players join the team from this training ground. On June 29, 2015, the 16-year old captain of the Romanian U16 team, Vlad Dragomir, officially became a Gunner.

What is the likelihood that Vlad Dragomir will eventually play for Arsenal as a pro? Free bets aside, some free betting news articles strongly suggest that situation might occur at some point in the near future. Vlad Dragomir has achieved great acclaim as a youth player. The midfielder might eventually become a strong asset to the professional Arsenal team.

A Successful Youth Career

Born in April, 1999, Vlad Dragomir began his youth career with FC Politehnica Timisoara. He played with that youth team between 20ll and 2013. After the sponsoring club closed, he then transferred to ACS Poli Timisoara, where he made his first formal debut with the new team on July 14, 2014. He played in several youth games before appearing with the first team. His honors to date include Liga II 2011-12 with FC Politehnica Timisoara and Lita II 2-14-15 with ACS Poli Timisoara.

Vlad Dragomir also received the distinction of serving as Captain of the Romania U16 Team. He has played international youth matches with his team against Serbia U16 and Netherlands U16. Some critics have reviewed these performances very favorably. As a midfielder, he plays aggressive midfield strategies which help his teammates gain better control over the ball.

A Bright Future

Today, many professional soccer players begin learning the sport at a relatively young age. Most British football clubs maintain youth training academies which endeavor to assist young players in acquiring the soccer skills necessary to excel in the sport as professional athletes later. The Arsenal F. C. Academy historically has supplied quite a number of the soccer stars who play for Arsenal. The Gunners, Arsenal’s youth team, benefit from the participation of talented first year scholars.

Recently, the announcement that Vlad Dragomir had accepted an offer to become a first year scholar and play with the Gunners generated an enthusiastic response from Arsenal fans. It remains an auspicious sign that if he decides to begin a pro career in the future, a very strong likelihood, Vlad Dragomir will play for Arsenal. The North London team has benefited greatly as a result of the development of Gunners at its training facilities.

A Formal Acceptance

Newspaper articles in the British press recently carried a photograph of a smiling Vlad Dragomir holding a Gunner’s uniform. The brown haired 5 ft. 8″ tall player appears flanked on either side by his agent, Catalin Sarmason, and Dick Law, Arsenal’s transfer agent. Both expressed approval of Vlad Dragomir’s decision to join the Gunners as a first year scholar under a three year contract with a reported value of 100,000 Euros.

Catalin Sarmason informed a Romanian sports website that: “I offered Vlad to Arsenal a year and a half ago and they have monitored him closely. In my opinion, he’s one of the most talented young players in Europe at the moment.”

Reportedly, three other soccer teams hoped to attract Vlad Dragomir with Inter Milan, Steaua Bucuresti and AS Monaco having hoped to recruit him. Vlad Dragomir chose the Gunners instead, explaining: “I am very glad and I hope not to disappoint anyone. The Arsenal offer seemed the best to me, I felt that this is my place.”


Will Arsenal find itself in a good position to recruit Vlad Dragomir as a pro down the road? Free betting is speculative, but many people suggest “yes!”


This article was written by Tony Samboras who is a sports writer with a passion for soccer. When he is not catching the latest game he writes professionally for www.freebets.com.au