Premier League Predictions: Todd’s Week 28 EPL Match Picks

Week 28 Premier League PredictionsWeek 28 in the Premier League features midweek matches taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday prior to the weekend’s set of FA Cup quarterfinals.

This past weekend saw the table looking like it is finally shaping up for the final ten matches of the 2014-15 season. Aston Villa and Sunderland both continue their slide to the bottom of the table while Arsenal and Liverpool both continued to push their way towards top four places.

Hull and Everton both managed to lose, leaving them still in danger of being sucked into a relegation battle. Still, it would take quite a bit for either of them to drop that far at this point, particularly Everton.

It seems unlikely because I truly believe there are worse teams in the league, namely Burnley, Aston Villa, Leicester City, QPR, and Sunderland.

These midweek matches will be very interesting considering the short turnaround. I’m especially intrigued to see how Chelsea and Tottenham play after the Capital One Cup final.

Time Home       Away Final Score
Tuesday, March 3
14:45ET/19:45GMT Aston Villa 1 v 3 West Brom  2-1
14:45ET/19:45GMT Hull City 1 v 1 Sunderland  1 – 1
14:45ET/19:45GMT Southampton 2 v 1 Crystal Palace  1 – 0
Wednesday, March 4
14:45ET/19:45GMT Manchester City 3 v 0 Leicester City  2 – 0
14:45ET/19:45GMT Newcastle United 1 v 3 Manchester United  0 – 1
14:45ET/19:45GMT Queens Park Rangers 0 v 4 Arsenal  1 – 2
14:45ET/19:45GMT Tottenham Hotspur 1 v 2 Swansea City  3-2
14:45ET/19:45GMT Stoke City 2 v 2 Everton  2-0
14:45ET/19:45GMT West Ham United 2 v 1 Chelsea  0-1
15:00ET/20:00GMT Liverpool 3 v 1 Burnley  2 – 0
Saturday, March 7
10:00ET/15:00GMT Queens Park Rangers 0 v 2 Tottenham Hotspur  1 – 2


I would say that at this point, Chelsea are in a very interesting position. Having just won the Capital One Cup, there is a chance of complacency going into Wednesday’s match against West Ham. They currently have a five point lead at the top with a game in hand, so they can afford to rest players, especially with their Champions League second leg coming up next week.

Tottenham are also in a very interesting position. They are now down to only the Premier League to focus after losing to Fiorentina on Thursday and Chelsea on Sunday. The only thing left for them is the distant chance of a top four or five place.

This could mean that Spurs start to struggle to really push themselves in matches. In Wednesday’s match against Swansea City they face a Swans side that would really like to break their previous points tally record of 46, and need just two more wins to tie that.

It is always nice to have a short break between matches, even though I don’t always like these midweek games due to the fact that I am working at these times. Still, it does give me something to look forward to watching when I get home in the evening.