2015 FA Cup Fourth Round Predictions

2014 FA Cup PredictionsThe 2015 FA Cup fourth round returns this weekend along with my pick and predictions for another round of action. While some of the magic of the FA Cup may be eroding, there are still plenty of quality games taking place.

I personally do not like how matches are being split up into an all weekend affair with games on Friday and Monday, but I will admit that part of this is due to having a full time job that often means I don’t get to watch those matches live anyway, since they take place at 15:00 ET.

Still, I do believe there is plenty of magic in the FA Cup. I still love to tell people about the way the cup works with every team in England being able to compete. There is something amazing about the fact that it is possible for an amateur team to take on a massive club from the Premier League.

In American terms I always liken this to the idea of a Major League Baseball team like the New York Yankees taking on a small minor league team like say, the Lancaster Barnstormers.

This weekend’s set of matches does include several teams that I honestly know very little about. I do base my predictions on statistics that include their recent form as well as how they have been doing in their respective leagues.

The weekend starts off with a Friday evening match featuring League Two side, Cambridge United, taking on Premier League giants Manchester United. This is a match that has the possibility of an upset as well as a great chance for some goals.

Most of the Premier League clubs play lower league opposition and should do well. The exception being Tottenham taking on Leicester City and Southampton hosting Crystal Palace, both taking place on Saturday.

Time Home       Away Final Score
Friday, January 23
14:55ET/19:55GMT Cambridge United 0 V 2 Manchester United
Saturday, January 24
7:45ET/12:45GMT Blackburn Rovers 1 v 1 Swansea City
10:00ET/15:00GMT Birmingham 0 v 1 West Bromwich
10:00ET/15:00GMT Cardiff City 2 v 1 Reading
10:00ET/15:00GMT Chelsea 3 v 0 Bradford City
10:00ET/15:00GMT Derby County 3 v 1 Chesterfield
10:00ET/15:00GMT Manchester City 2 v 0 Middlesbrough
10:00ET/15:00GMT Preston North End 1 V 1 Sheffield United
10:00ET/15:00GMT Southampton 2 V 1 Crystal Palace
10:00ET/15:00GMT Sunderland 2 V 2 Fulham
10:00ET/15:00GMT Tottenham Hotspur 2 V 0 Leicester City
12:30ET/17:30GMT Liverpool 3 v 1 Bolton
Sunday, January 25
9:00ET/14:00GMT Bristol City 0 v 1 West Ham United
10:00ET/15:00GMT Aston Villa 0 v 1 Bournemouth
11:00ET/16:00GMT Brighton 0 V 2 Arsenal
Monday, January 19
15:00ET/20:00GMT Rochdale 1 v 3 Stoke City


In going over all of my fourth round FA Cup picks and predictions I have a very hard time seeing there be any major upsets. There could be an occasional draw in the mix, but most of the favored teams should get through as winners.

This is a round of matches comes at a good time for most teams, especially those in the Premier League. The majority of EPL teams have had a week break following their league fixtures and will be well rested and ready to proceed.

If there are upsets to be had, it looks likely that Aston Villa could go out while there is always a chance that FA Cup holders Arsenal could stumble at Brighton.