Analyzing My Fantasy Premier League Errors

Fantasy Premier League TipsThis fantasy Premier League season I decided to do some experimenting across all of my various teams. In the official Premier League game I actually created two separate teams in order to try out different strategies on each.

I’ve ended up joining various leagues which, in turn, has led to me often forgetting to update some of those teams. In fact there was one weekend in which I forgot about my ESPN team and dropped from 800th place all the way down to 5000.

In recent weeks my “main” team has been plummeting while my experimental team has been on the rise. Last weekend my team went from being in the top 100,000 worldwide all the way down to 257,622. It was a rough weekend in which I managed to score just 35 points.

It seems that the more I tinker with ideas and stray from the standard patterns, the farther I fall. I have been trying to find the next player to hit form, looking to get a mix of high priced players with the low price high value guy that will catapult me into the top echelon of FPL teams. Instead I’ve been let down by my own assumptions and predictions.

There were several weeks where I was scoring a steady 60 or more points per week. Then gameweek 13 hit and my lowest tally to date, 28. This was followed by a respectable 50, then last weekend’s 35. All week long I have been asking myself: What is going on!

My team last week consisted of:

Guzan, Shackell, Bertrand, Hutton, Sigurdsson, Mata, Hazard, Fabregas, Diego Costa, Bony, and Berahino.

I really thought this was a good team. Chelsea were supposed to romp over Newcastle, Swansea should have given West Ham a game, Aston Villa were shoo-ins for a clean sheet, and Juan Mata was going to run the midfield for a dominant Manchester United win.

Instead I was left with Wilfried Bony leading my team with a whopping 7 points.

Fantasy Premier League

The thing is, I keep getting attached to these teams. I look at their numbers, I look at the matchups and I convince myself that this is the team I want. I also hate making transfers. What if I need a transfer later on? I will say that my team has not been helped by injuries and suspensions. At one point I had Di Maria instead of Mata and had Krul as well.

The question has become: What should I do this week?

In gameweek 16 Fabregas is out after accumulating too many cards and Juan Mata has been less than stellar while Manchester United take on Liverpool. Which means I will probably be dropping Mata and putting Fabregas on the bench by replacing him with Tadic.

I have yet to decide what to do with Berahino considering his recent loss in form. Dropping him, however, would mean that I would be losing points considering that my lone transfer for the week is going to be spent on Juan Mata.

Once again I’m left having to make some drastic changes to my team and having the debate of whether to take the hit on losing points to bring in players, or simply grin and bear it with the lone free transfer. Guess we’ll see how this plays out for the week.

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