Fantasy Friday: When To Play Your Premier League Fantasy Wildcard

Premier League Fantasy TipsWith match-day 4 of the Premier League picking up again this weekend fantasy players will have had a few weeks to think about their team and whether or not they want to make changes. In this time the transfer window has closed and the international break has interrupted Premier League matches being played.

This is the point in the season when the question comes as to whether or not to play your wild card. Here are three great reasons why now is the time to play your first wild card.

1.) The International break means changes for many players and teams

Following the international break there are plenty of players who may not be at 100% by the weekend. Even more important than this is that some players will be coming back injured.

However, the big kicker is that some players will have performed well during their international stints. They could just as easily carry over this increase in form to their next match.

2.) The transfer window is closed

The close of the transfer window means that Premier League fantasy team owners don’t have to worry about players moving on, but it also means that there won’t be any more new players coming in. This last transfer window saw some great moves by teams that could provide fantasy football owners with some interesting choices.

The question at this point for most fantasy team owners is whether or not they should test out any of the newly transferred players, particularly in regards to Radamel Falcao and even Danny Welbeck and Loic Remy. At this point it’s probably worth taking a look at Danny Welbeck since his current price is at 7 compared to Falcao at 11 and Remy at 7.4.

3.) It has been almost two weeks since the last match

Yes, there are other breaks during the season, including two more in October and November, but this one is different, this is the time surrounded by the start of the season mixed with the transfer window. This early break is a time when players and managers have had a few matches to work on their tactics and now have a good idea of where to go from here.

The break has given extra time on the training ground to work on tactics as well as determining which players will be best suited for these tactics.

After all of this the question is: Should I play my wild card now, or wait it out?

This is a good time to play it, but waiting another week might also be a good idea as well. At this point in the season there are quite a few injuries that could lead to having to make changes in your fantasy football team. If you have too many injuries or simply want to bring in new players and change it up, this is the time to do so.

Waiting another week would also be an excellent option to see which players are going to be playing regularly for their team. Using your wild card this early in the season might seem like a bad idea, but this time period is probably the best time to do so considering the aforementioned reasons.

Let me know what you think. Is there a better time to use your wild card? Will you be using yours this weekend or waiting?