What is So Exciting About the Preseason Friendlies? 3 Reasons to Watch

Preseason Tour Friendlies for Summer 2014

The Premier League preseason tours have begun and I am actually excited for them. In the past I haven’t always felt this way. So often the teams put out experimental teams and mess about with formations and setups and it’s not the same as the regular season. Well, I’m here to tell you why I’m excited and you should be too!

1) Soccer is back!

I know the World Cup just took place, but the last week has been quite different without matches to watch regularly. The return of soccer in the form of preseason friendlies has been welcomed in my home.

It’s not nearly as high quality as the World Cup, but it is still soccer and I will say that watching the World Cup has helped me to appreciate being able to watch soccer even more. There are still moments when you see the talent of these players as they work to learn how to play as a team.

Which leads to the second point.

2) We get to see players learn to play as a team.

So often these friendlies are used as times to tinker and experiment both with personnel and formations. While this can make for some not so pleasant to watch soccer, it can still be interesting to see.

Managers will typically use this time to work on teamwork and building the team’s strategic style to be used during the season which does mean quite a bit of experimenting. The great thing is that when it comes off, it is a lot of fun to see. When it doesn’t come off, you can always put it down to being preseason.

3) Getting a chance to see the youth players.

Many times managers will use this time to put out some of their younger players and let them showcase their talents alongside some of the first team regulars. For me, this is a great time to see what the youth coming through the system can do and I really enjoy watching this.

For me, living in the United States, I don’t get a chance to see the youth teams play, and many fans around the world do not get to see this either. In the preseason tours fans do get the chance to see these up and coming players along with the stars of the team.

With the growth of the sport globally, more and more of these preseason tour matches are getting broadcast which makes it even more exciting. I am really enjoying being able to watch these matches, and getting back into the club season once again.

Are you able to watch the preseason matches? What do you like the best about the preseason, if anything?

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