Group C Round 3 Preview and World Cup Prediction

World Cup 2014 Predictions

Group C could get interesting in the last round of group stage matches. With Colombia already qualified for the knockout round, they could rest players in preparation. The rest of the group is still balanced enough that any of the other three teams could advance if results go their way.

Greece v Ivory Coast – Tuesday, June 24 @ 4pm:

So far Greece has yet to score in this World Cup and have allowed three, yet still have a point, which, theoretically, still keeps them in this. A win over the Ivory Coast along with a loss or draw for Japan would see them advance.

The problem for Greece is that they are facing a strong Ivory Coast side whose only loss is to the group leaders, Colombia. The Ivory Coast are favorites to both win this and go through to the knockout round.

My prediction is an Ivory Coast win. It is possible that Greece could hang on and produce a frustrating draw, but not very likely.

Japan v Colombia – Tuesday, June 24 @ 4pm:

With Colombia already progressing to the next round, they could sit some players, at least Japan is hoping they will. Japan needs to get a win over Colombia and hope that Greece can hold the Ivory Coast to a draw or grab a win.

My prediction is a Colombia win. Even if Jose Pekerman decides to rest some players, this is a team that plays well within their system and they are facing a Japanese team that has scored just one goal in their two matches.

Round 3 World Cup Predictions

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