Group F Round 2 Preview and World Cup Prediction

World Cup 2014 Predictions

Group F is perhaps one of the weakest groups in this World Cup. Most predictions for the group have Argentina easily progressing and most likely with maximum points. So far they have gotten out to a good start with their first win.

Nigeria and Iran managed to play out the most boring 0-0 draw of the tournament so far while Bosnia and Herzegovina had some impressive moments, but still sit at the bottom of the table. For round 2 Group F plays all of their matches on Saturday, June 21. Read on for my match previews.

Argentina v Iran – Saturday, June 21 @ 12pm:

Iran are a team that could frustrate Argentina. Although, I doubt they will sit back much, but instead will most likely go out and attack. To sit back and attempt to defend would not be a wise decision considering their opponents strength. They do have some creative midfielders that could cause problems, but with Argentina’s quality, it is going to be a task too far.

Argentina ended up squeaking past Bosnia-Herzegovina with a 2-1 win, but should be a team that grows into the tournament. Against Bosnia-Herzegovina they started with a rather defensive setup which mostly isolated Lionel Messi up front. After they switched it up at half time, Messi became much more involved once Higuain was able to push up and support him more. This will likely be how they start this match.

My prediction is an Argentina win. Anything other than this would be a shock. With the talent in Argentina’s squad they shouldn’t have much trouble winning comfortably.

Nigeria v Bosnia-Herzegovina – Saturday, June 21 @ 6pm:

Nigeria did not look very good in their dull 0-0 draw against Iran. They dominated possession, but that was about it. Against Bosnia and Herzegovina, they will struggle to have as much possession and will need to be able to defend well against a tough team.

My prediction is a Bosnia and Herzegovina win. They have a lot of attacking options up front and will likely start with two forwards and go for the win in this one. They played a bit more defensive against Argentina, having to respect their powerful offense, but will not be quite as pragmatic this time. Still, Nigeria do possess some excellent offensive options and they certainly could get a result in this one, though it would be somewhat surprising considering their performance in round one.

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