2014-15 Premier League Fixtures List Released

The fixtures list for the 2014-15 Premier League season has been released. Of course this is just a preliminary schedule and will be changed as the season progresses.

The 2014-15 EPL season will start on August 16 and features some good matches to start. Manchester United start at home against Swansea City while current Champions Manchester City will travel to Newcastle United. Liverpool host Southampton while newcomers Burnley play at home to Chelsea.

The other two promoted sides also start off their season at home with Leicester City facing Everton and Queens Park Rangers playing Hull City. It should be another fantastic Premier League season and I am looking forward to it. Once again, NBC Sports will be the home for the Premier League on television here in the United States. I will continue to do my predictions and hope to continue with match day previews each week of the season.

16 August Arsenal v Crystal Palace

16 August Burnley v Chelsea

16 August Leicester v Everton

16 August Liverpool v Southampton

16 August Man Utd v Swansea

16 August Newcastle v Man City

16 August QPR v Hull

16 August Stoke v Aston Villa

16 August West Brom v Sunderland

16 August West Ham v Spurs

23 August Aston Villa v Newcastle

23 August Chelsea v Leicester

23 August Crystal Palace v West Ham

23 August Everton v Arsenal

23 August Hull v Stoke

23 August Man City v Liverpool

23 August Southampton v West Brom

23 August Spurs v QPR

23 August Sunderland v Man Utd

23 August Swansea v Burnley

30 August Aston Villa v Hull

30 August Burnley v Man Utd

30 August Everton v Chelsea

30 August Leicester v Arsenal

30 August Man City v Stoke

30 August Newcastle v Crystal Palace

30 August QPR v Sunderland

30 August Spurs v Liverpool

30 August Swansea v West Brom

30 August West Ham v Southampton

13 September Arsenal v Man City

13 September Chelsea v Swansea

13 September Crystal Palace v Burnley

13 September Hull v West Ham

13 September Liverpool v Aston Villa

13 September Man Utd v QPR

13 September Southampton v Newcastle

13 September Stoke v Leicester

13 September Sunderland v Spurs

13 September West Brom v Everton

20 September Aston Villa v Arsenal

20 September Burnley v Sunderland

20 September Everton v Crystal Palace

20 September Leicester v Man Utd

20 September Man City v Chelsea

20 September Newcastle v Hull

20 September QPR v Stoke

20 September Spurs v West Brom

20 September Swansea v Southampton

20 September West Ham v Liverpool

27 September Arsenal v Spurs

27 September Chelsea v Aston Villa

27 September Crystal Palace v Leicester

27 September Hull v Man City

27 September Liverpool v Everton

27 September Man Utd v West Ham

27 September Southampton v QPR

27 September Stoke v Newcastle

27 September Sunderland v Swansea

27 September West Brom v Burnley

04 October Aston Villa v Man City

04 October Chelsea v Arsenal

04 October Hull v Crystal Palace

04 October Leicester v Burnley

04 October Liverpool v West Brom

04 October Man Utd v Everton

04 October Spurs v Southampton

04 October Sunderland v Stoke

04 October Swansea v Newcastle

04 October West Ham v QPR

18 October Arsenal v Hull

18 October Burnley v West Ham

18 October Crystal Palace v Chelsea

18 October Everton v Aston Villa

18 October Man City v Spurs

18 October Newcastle v Leicester

18 October QPR v Liverpool

18 October Southampton v Sunderland

18 October Stoke v Swansea

18 October West Brom v Man Utd

25 October Burnley v Everton

25 October Liverpool v Hull

25 October Man Utd v Chelsea

25 October QPR v Aston Villa

25 October Southampton v Stoke

25 October Spurs v Newcastle

25 October Sunderland v Arsenal

25 October Swansea v Leicester

25 October West Brom v Crystal Palace

25 October West Ham v Man City

01 November Arsenal v Burnley

01 November Aston Villa v Spurs

01 November Chelsea v QPR

01 November Crystal Palace v Sunderland

01 November Everton v Swansea

01 November Hull v Southampton

01 November Leicester v West Brom

01 November Man City v Man Utd

01 November Newcastle v Liverpool

01 November Stoke v West Ham

08 November Burnley v Hull

08 November Liverpool v Chelsea

08 November Man Utd v Crystal Palace

08 November QPR v Man City

08 November Southampton v Leicester

08 November Spurs v Stoke

08 November Sunderland v Everton

08 November Swansea v Arsenal

08 November West Brom v Newcastle

08 November West Ham v Aston Villa

22 November Arsenal v Man Utd

22 November Aston Villa v Southampton

22 November Chelsea v West Brom

22 November Crystal Palace v Liverpool

22 November Everton v West Ham

22 November Hull v Spurs

22 November Leicester v Sunderland

22 November Man City v Swansea

22 November Newcastle v QPR

22 November Stoke v Burnley

29 November Burnley v Aston Villa

29 November Liverpool v Stoke

29 November Man Utd v Hull

29 November QPR v Leicester

29 November Southampton v Man City

29 November Spurs v Everton

29 November Sunderland v Chelsea

29 November Swansea v Crystal Palace

29 November West Brom v Arsenal

29 November West Ham v Newcastle

02 December Arsenal v Southampton

02 December Burnley v Newcastle

02 December Crystal Palace v Aston Villa

02 December Leicester v Liverpool

02 December Man Utd v Stoke

02 December Swansea v QPR

02 December West Brom v West Ham

03 December Chelsea v Spurs

03 December Everton v Hull

03 December Sunderland v Man City

06 December Aston Villa v Leicester

06 December Hull v West Brom

06 December Liverpool v Sunderland

06 December Man City v Everton

06 December Newcastle v Chelsea

06 December QPR v Burnley

06 December Southampton v Man Utd

06 December Spurs v Crystal Palace

06 December Stoke v Arsenal

06 December West Ham v Swansea

13 December Arsenal v Newcastle

13 December Burnley v Southampton

13 December Chelsea v Hull

13 December Crystal Palace v Stoke

13 December Everton v QPR

13 December Leicester v Man City

13 December Man Utd v Liverpool

13 December Sunderland v West Ham

13 December Swansea v Spurs

13 December West Brom v Aston Villa

20 December Aston Villa v Man Utd

20 December Hull v Swansea

20 December Liverpool v Arsenal

20 December Man City v Crystal Palace

20 December Newcastle v Sunderland

20 December QPR v West Brom

20 December Southampton v Everton

20 December Spurs v Burnley

20 December Stoke v Chelsea

20 December West Ham v Leicester

26 December Arsenal v QPR

26 December Burnley v Liverpool

26 December Chelsea v West Ham

26 December Crystal Palace v Southampton

26 December Everton v Stoke

26 December Leicester v Spurs

26 December Man Utd v Newcastle

26 December Sunderland v Hull

26 December Swansea v Aston Villa

26 December West Brom v Man City

28 December Aston Villa v Sunderland

28 December Hull v Leicester

28 December Liverpool v Swansea

28 December Man City v Burnley

28 December Newcastle v Everton

28 December QPR v Crystal Palace

28 December Southampton v Chelsea

28 December Spurs v Man Utd

28 December Stoke v West Brom

28 December West Ham v Arsenal

01 January Aston Villa v Crystal Palace

01 January Hull v Everton

01 January Liverpool v Leicester

01 January Man City v Sunderland

01 January Newcastle v Burnley

01 January QPR v Swansea

01 January Southampton v Arsenal

01 January Spurs v Chelsea

01 January Stoke v Man Utd

01 January West Ham v West Brom

10 January Arsenal v Stoke

10 January Burnley v QPR

10 January Chelsea v Newcastle

10 January Crystal Palace v Spurs

10 January Everton v Man City

10 January Leicester v Aston Villa

10 January Man Utd v Southampton

10 January Sunderland v Liverpool

10 January Swansea v West Ham

10 January West Brom v Hull

17 January Aston Villa v Liverpool

17 January Burnley v Crystal Palace

17 January Everton v West Brom

17 January Leicester v Stoke

17 January Man City v Arsenal

17 January Newcastle v Southampton

17 January QPR v Man Utd

17 January Spurs v Sunderland

17 January Swansea v Chelsea

17 January West Ham v Hull

31 January Arsenal v Aston Villa

31 January Chelsea v Man City

31 January Crystal Palace v Everton

31 January Hull v Newcastle

31 January Liverpool v West Ham

31 January Man Utd v Leicester

31 January Southampton v Swansea

31 January Stoke v QPR

31 January Sunderland v Burnley

31 January West Brom v Spurs

07 February Aston Villa v Chelsea

07 February Burnley v West Brom

07 February Everton v Liverpool

07 February Leicester v Crystal Palace

07 February Man City v Hull

07 February Newcastle v Stoke

07 February QPR v Southampton

07 February Spurs v Arsenal

07 February Swansea v Sunderland

07 February West Ham v Man Utd

10 February Arsenal v Leicester

10 February Crystal Palace v Newcastle

10 February Hull v Aston Villa

10 February Liverpool v Spurs

10 February Man Utd v Burnley

10 February Southampton v West Ham

10 February West Brom v Swansea

11 February Chelsea v Everton

11 February Stoke v Man City

11 February Sunderland v QPR

21 February Aston Villa v Stoke

21 February Chelsea v Burnley

21 February Crystal Palace v Arsenal

21 February Everton v Leicester

21 February Hull v QPR

21 February Man City v Newcastle

21 February Southampton v Liverpool

21 February Spurs v West Ham

21 February Sunderland v West Brom

21 February Swansea v Man Utd

28 February Arsenal v Everton

28 February Burnley v Swansea

28 February Leicester v Chelsea

28 February Liverpool v Man City

28 February Man Utd v Sunderland

28 February Newcastle v Aston Villa

28 February QPR v Spurs

28 February Stoke v Hull

28 February West Brom v Southampton

28 February West Ham v Crystal Palace

03 March Aston Villa v West Brom

03 March Hull v Sunderland

03 March Liverpool v Burnley

03 March QPR v Arsenal

03 March Southampton v Crystal Palace

03 March West Ham v Chelsea

04 March Man City v Leicester

04 March Newcastle v Man Utd

04 March Spurs v Swansea

04 March Stoke v Everton

14 March Arsenal v West Ham

14 March Burnley v Man City

14 March Chelsea v Southampton

14 March Crystal Palace v QPR

14 March Everton v Newcastle

14 March Leicester v Hull

14 March Man Utd v Spurs

14 March Sunderland v Aston Villa

14 March Swansea v Liverpool

14 March West Brom v Stoke

21 March Aston Villa v Swansea

21 March Hull v Chelsea

21 March Liverpool v Man Utd

21 March Man City v West Brom

21 March Newcastle v Arsenal

21 March QPR v Everton

21 March Southampton v Burnley

21 March Spurs v Leicester

21 March Stoke v Crystal Palace

21 March West Ham v Sunderland

04 April Arsenal v Liverpool

04 April Burnley v Spurs

04 April Chelsea v Stoke

04 April Crystal Palace v Man City

04 April Everton v Southampton

04 April Leicester v West Ham

04 April Man Utd v Aston Villa

04 April Sunderland v Newcastle

04 April Swansea v Hull

04 April West Brom v QPR

11 April Burnley v Arsenal

11 April Liverpool v Newcastle

11 April Man Utd v Man City

11 April QPR v Chelsea

11 April Southampton v Hull

11 April Spurs v Aston Villa

11 April Sunderland v Crystal Palace

11 April Swansea v Everton

11 April West Brom v Leicester

11 April West Ham v Stoke

18 April Arsenal v Sunderland

18 April Aston Villa v QPR

18 April Chelsea v Man Utd

18 April Crystal Palace v West Brom

18 April Everton v Burnley

18 April Hull v Liverpool

18 April Leicester v Swansea

18 April Man City v West Ham

18 April Newcastle v Spurs

18 April Stoke v Southampton

25 April Arsenal v Chelsea

25 April Burnley v Leicester

25 April Crystal Palace v Hull

25 April Everton v Man Utd

25 April Man City v Aston Villa

25 April Newcastle v Swansea

25 April QPR v West Ham

25 April Southampton v Spurs

25 April Stoke v Sunderland

25 April West Brom v Liverpool

02 May Aston Villa v Everton

02 May Chelsea v Crystal Palace

02 May Hull v Arsenal

02 May Leicester v Newcastle

02 May Liverpool v QPR

02 May Man Utd v West Brom

02 May Spurs v Man City

02 May Sunderland v Southampton

02 May Swansea v Stoke

02 May West Ham v Burnley

09 May Arsenal v Swansea

09 May Aston Villa v West Ham

09 May Chelsea v Liverpool

09 May Crystal Palace v Man Utd

09 May Everton v Sunderland

09 May Hull v Burnley

09 May Leicester v Southampton

09 May Man City v QPR

09 May Newcastle v West Brom

09 May Stoke v Spurs

16 May Burnley v Stoke

16 May Liverpool v Crystal Palace

16 May Man Utd v Arsenal

16 May QPR v Newcastle

16 May Southampton v Aston Villa

16 May Spurs v Hull

16 May Sunderland v Leicester

16 May Swansea v Man City

16 May West Brom v Chelsea

16 May West Ham v Everton

24 May Arsenal v West Brom

24 May Aston Villa v Burnley

24 May Chelsea v Sunderland

24 May Crystal Palace v Swansea

24 May Everton v Spurs

24 May Hull v Man Utd

24 May Leicester v QPR

24 May Man City v Southampton

24 May Newcastle v West Ham

24 May Stoke v Liverpool