Group C Round 2 Preview and World Cup Prediction

World Cup 2014 Predictions

Group C is currently topped by Colombia while Ivory Coast is just behind them. The two matches will be played on Thursday, June 19 and are both going to be key to who goes through to the next round. Read on for my preview and prediction in these Group Stage round two World Cup matches.

Colombia v Ivory Coast

Both of these teams jumped out to wins to start their World Cup campaign, although, Colombia looked the more dominant of the two with their 3-0 win over Greece. Ivory Coast did manage to score the quickest two goals in World Cup history with both of their goals coming just 100 seconds apart.

This is shaping up to be a really good match with goals scored at both ends. Neither side has an outstanding defense and both have great attacking options through midfield and up front.

I’m predicting a Colombia win for this one. They do have more quality throughout the team and have already shown what they can do with their attacking players. I am also expecting plenty of goals in this one.

Colombia v Ivory Coast kicks off at 12noon, Thursday, June 19 and is broadcast live on ESPN and Univision.

Japan v Greece

Japan and Greece each had their struggles in their opening matches which they both lost. While Japan may have only lost 2-1, their only goal came early and was only one of their two shots on target all match.

Greece, on the other hand, were taken apart by a much better Colombia side. They never really looked like they would threaten the Colombia defense, let alone score. Greece has most recently been known for their ability to defend, and they were not even able to do that much.

My prediction is a narrow win for Japan. Greece has had difficulty getting goals, but this is a match where they have their best chance of scoring. A win for either team puts them back in the race, while a draw will help neither.

Japan v Greece plays Thursday, June 19 at 6pm on ESPN and Univision

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