World Cup 2014 Friendly Scores: Some Teams Fare Better Than Others In Warm-Up

World Cup 2014

With the 2014 World Cup starting up in less than a week most teams were in action over the weekend playing warm-up friendlies. Some teams ended up doing better than others in their preparation. Check out the scores for these matches.

There were several matches played this weekend from Friday, June 6 through Monday, June 9. Included in those warm-up matches were wins for Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and the United States. Meanwhile, England played to a drab 0-0 against Honduras.

Perhaps the pick of these matches was the 2-1 win for the USA over Nigeria. Nigeria is another team with an excellent chance to progress to the Round of 16 and an excellent test for this United States squad. The disappointing thing was conceding another penalty to make it a nervy end in what could have been a comfortable win. Nigeria will be at the World Cup in Group F while the United States is in Group G.

Additionally, the 1-0 win by Croatia over another World Cup bound team in Australia is a positive note. Croatia play in Group A and hope to make it to the next round while Australia will struggle in Group B. Portugal also defeated a World Cup bound team with their 1-0 win over Mexico. Mexico will also be in Group A, while Portugal is pitted alongside Germany and the U.S. in Group G.

International Friendly Scores:

Friday, June 6:

Russia 2 – 0 Morocco

Germany 6 – 1 Armenia

Brazil 1 – 0 Serbia

Colombia 3 – 0 Jordan

Croatia 1 – 0 Australia

Costa Rica 1 – 1 Republic of Ireland

Japan 4 – 3 Zambia

Bolivia 2 – 1 Greece

Mexico 0 – 1 Portugal

Saturday, June 7:

Cameroon 1 – 0 Moldova

Argentina 2 – 0 Slovenia

El Salvador 0 – 2 Spain

England 0 – 0 Honduras

Belgium 1 – 0 Tunisia

United States 2 – 1 Nigeria

Sunday, June 8:

Trinidad and Tobago 0 – 2 Iran

France 8 – 0 Jamaica

Monday, June 9:

Ghana v South Korea

Tuesday, June 10:

Republic of Ireland v Portugal